Superior Men Podcast #15

Superior Men Podcast #15
The Superior Men Podcast

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Valentine’s Day Edition: Champagne, Chocolates and Dick Pics, The Martyrdom of St. Valentinus, Gold Diggers, Creative and Fun Gifts, How NOT To Celebrate

Episode 15 Notes

6:30 – 1 billion Valentine cards sold every year

10:00 – Many people buy Valentine’s cards for their pets. Really.

12:00 – The pressure of the holiday for men

14:30 – The martyrdom of St. Valentinus and the first Valentine’s card

21:00 – Historical events and drinking holidays

24:00 – Worldwide we spend $19 Billion for Valentine’s Day

25:00 – Top 5 Valentine’s gifts / How to get roses for cheap

30:00 – Dinner and maxing your credit card

32:00 – Champagne: How to be classy in one easy step

35:00 – Check your motives for spending $$ on woman

39:00 – Marketing implies buying XXX = sex with beautiful women / Teaches dangerous, false thinking

42:00 – An expensive woman at dinner: This is what a gold-digger looks like

45:00 – How to balance the bill when paying

Superior Men Podcast #10The First Date, Dating Efficiency, Saving Time/Money/Energy

50:00 – Managing expectations for dating

54:00 – Try making creative gifts for Valentine’s

59:00 – Most romantic gift: Send a dick pic!

63:00 – Alternatives to Valentine’s Day

67:00 – Bavarian goat porn?

69:00 – Great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts / experiences

72:00 – Do you hate Valentines? Choose NOT TO CELEBRATE!!

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