Superior Men Podcast #14

Superior Men Podcast #14

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Toxic Masculinity, Warriors vs Psychopaths, Jack Donovan’s 4 Tactical Virtues, Why masculine men are essential for society

Podcast #14 Notes

3:00 – Masculinity is being smeared in the media

6:30 – “Be a Man” – The three most destructive words a boy can hear growing up?

WASM Article: What Is Masculinity?

10:30 – Mother’s deaths in childbirth ≠ “Femininity kills women”

12:00 – “Based on a true story” means nothing

14:00 – Accusations alone can ruin your reputation / Duke lacrosse team rape case

WASM Podcast Ep.7: The Kavanaugh hearing, #METOO, sexual assault and the power of language

19:00 – Selective focus / Should PETA support Hitler’s vegetarianism?

21:30 – The mainstream definition of Toxic Masculinity

24:00 – “Fixing” Masculinity by acting like a woman

28:30 – Public opinion: Crime in United States is increasing / But that’s not the truth 2018 Statistics on US Crime (PEW Research Center)

34:00 – Major decrease in crime in major cities like Chicago over the last fifteen years (

40:00 – Crime and violence is learned by our environment

44:00 – Why are men violent? / The human need for warriors

47:00 – Jack Donovan “The Way of Men” / A “good man” vs “being good at being a man”

51:00 – The 4 Tactical Virtues of a man: Strength, Courage, Mastery, Honor

52:00 – Only men (not just males) can teach boys to become men

54:30 – A man’s inherent qualities can be “Toxic” or “Highly Valuable” depending on the circumstances

59:00 – Being willing to fight when necessary

62:00 – “I want you to hit me as hard as you can.” / Understanding relative strength and self-control

64:00 – Good psychopaths, Bad psychopaths

72:00 – What Is a Man?: 3,000 Years of Wisdom on the Art of Manly Virtue by Waller R. Newell

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