Superior Men Podcast #11

Superior Men Podcast #11
The Superior Men Podcast

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Toxic Femininity, Women’s Rights vs Women’s Responsibilities, Reverse Sexism, The Dangers of Snowflakes and Unicorns in todays episode of the Superior Men Podcast.

Episode 11 Notes

5:00 – What is Feminism?

7:30 – The 4 Waves of Feminism / Suffrage, Property Rights for Women

9:00 – Civil rights movement, Bra-burning / The “evil” Miss America pageant

12:00 – Roe v. Wade = Slavery?

16:00 – “Reproductive rights belong to a woman. Period.”

19:00 – Birth Control / Condoms only 85% effective

21:00 – How birth control changed women’s options/roles in society

24:30 – Reshaping the language / “Bitch” “Slut” = Good

31:00 – Extremism as modern political strategy (ie. PETA)

34:00 – “Who needs facts when you have passion?” / Arguing as a way of life

35:00 – The real truth about the Wage Gap / Washington Post: “US Bureau of Labor and Statistics data showed that Women who never married have virtually no wage gap. They earn 94 cents for every dollar a man makes” [With 5% margin of error on study]

38:00 – Rights vs Choice vs Responsibility

42:00 – Why Trump is right: Fame allows men to get away with more with women

45:30 – Women love sex / The reverse sexism of a bachelorette party

47:00 – Thunder Down Under = Female sexuality gone wild

52:00 – Gender Confusion / 112+ Gender options

57:00 – My truth vs The truth / Snowflakes and Unicorns

64:00 – Beware of labeling yourself/others to get what you want

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