Superior Men Podcast #10

Superior Men Podcast #10
The Superior Men Podcast

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The First Date: Dating efficiency, crazy women, how to save money/time/stress, finding a good girl.

Episode 10 Show Notes:

6:30 – Intro to “Sexual Magnetism”

8:30 – Jay is a Bachelor / Matt is a Married father of 4

10:15 – Your first date should be a screening process

12:30 – What qualities are you looking for in a woman?

15:00 – Crazy dates

16:15 – Matt’s first dates: A MUCH older woman / “Wait, you’re an ex-prostitute?”

20:30 – Learning a Woman’s relationship history

21:30 – Jay dates a vampire / Going out with a plucker

26:45 – How long should your first date be?

29:30 – Break the date off as soon as you know she doesn’t have potential

33:00 – Don’t buy meals on the first date

35:30 – Scarcity vs Abundance mentality

39:00 – Having a plan for your date

41:00 – First date concerns for Men: Strategy and sex / First date concern for women: Safety

43:30 – Getting confidence about dating

51:00 – What are IOIs? / Examples of Indicators of Interest

56:30 – How to compliment a girl

61:00 – Should you shake hands at the beginning of a date?

62:30 – How to end the date

65:30 – When you’re done with a girl, break things off

15 Signs Your Woman is Crazy

The Universal Hot/Crazy Scale

Chandler keeps failing to break up

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