Reddit Relationship Advice Part 1- TSMP #73

Intro: Sexual Magnetism and Reddit Relationships Q/A

  • Full post Roe v Wade:
  • My partner and I had a fairly active sex life previous to all the gunk that’s going on in the world right now but she’s always had a fear of getting pregnant. We’ve had talks about it and I respect her decision not to get on birth control as I’ve seen first hand what the side effects are with other partners. However it’s been closed to a month and a half now and with the overturning of roe v wade she has made it clear that she is no longer willing to have sex with me under any circumstances, which has quite frankly, been absolutely ripping me apart. It’s opened a new strain on our relationship and there’s a lot of new found fighting starting up. We’ve been together almost a year now and I don’t know why solution there is to this. I’ve looked into male birth control, however I don’t meet the age requirements. We’ve had conversations about this and she won’t budge. For further context she does not partake in foreplay for me but I have for her even after being cut off.

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Reddit Relationship Advice Part 1- TSMP #73 1

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