Put the BS in Your Rear-View – TSMP #68

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Remaining consistent in a world of chaos


Government overreach

Mask mandates

Vaccine concerns


First ground war in europe in 80 years

Constant death/fear in media

Shutting down Russian economy – affecting the global economy

High gas prices

Poor Leadership

President on down to local health departments via pandemic response

Don’t stress about things you can’t affect/control

Set the example for your family


At your work


Other people’s problems

  1. Figure out what you can control….and what you cant
  2. Focus on your influence – Work on building your influence
    1. You cant make someone care – if you build your influence your opinion will mean more to them
  3. Identify your fears and make a plan
    1. I cant allow my business to fail turns into what is my plan if my my business fails
  4. Recognize the difference between throwing a pity party and troubleshooting
    1. Always good to do after action report and look for solutions/improvements
  5. Jay would also say – make sure you encourage yourself
    1. No one else will – make sure you are your own biggest fan.

Demonstrate through actions, not words

Kevin Hart – say it with your chest!

Dont be the 5 foot tall hanging around the big guys spouting off all the time without the ability to back it up.

Say what you mean, Mean what you say, Do what you say, or don’t say it at all…

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