Mindful Attraction Plan – BOOKCAST #3

Mindful Attraction Plan by Athol Kay

Ready to repair your broken relationship? Athol Kay believes the answer is taking care of your own issues first. In his excellent book “The Mindful Attraction Plan (MAP)” Kay lays out a simple 6-part program to fix the broken parts of your life (The Red areas), improve where you’re stagnant (The Yellow areas) and let the healthy parts (The Green areas) flourish. Tune in to today’s episode to learn how use to Kay’s MAP to get your life and your relationship working smoothly once again!

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Mindful Attraction Plan Notes

00:00 – Intro to “The Mindful Attraction Plan”

  • Main tenet: Improve yourself to get more attractive
  • Audience: Anybody who wants to improve their life
  • Energy comes in “sets”
    • Dead sex life, broke, messy house, serious health issues, depression.
    • Poor sex life, scraping by, untidy house, minor health issues, unhappy.
    • Good sex life, saving some money, clean house, good health, happy.
    • Great sex life, excess income, house cleaners, excellent health, joyous.

3:15 – How easy is the book to read?

  • Very easy to read
  • Only available in print or ebook: 198 pages (~3 hours to read)
  • A lot of information packed into the program

5:30 – Reviews and Significance

  • Not well known (Only 77 reviews on Amazon – all 4+ stars)
  • More people need to read this book. Check it out and leave a review!
  • Kay has an active community at marriedmansexlife.com (Almost 2,000 forum members)

7:30 – Bio of Athol Kay

  • From New Zealand
  • Degree in Sociology from Victoria University
  • Met his wife Jennifer when he was 21, married after 3-year long distance courtship
  • They have two girls
  • Originally intended to go into ministry. Had crisis of faith and left the church, going into nursing for developmentally disabled adults and teens with severe behavioral issues.
  • Created MMSL website and forum in 2010. It was soon so popular he was able to quit his nursing job and focus on writing for his blog. MMSL book came out in 2011.

8:30 – Major themes

  • PART ONE: Fixing the Solution
    • Three Energy States
      • Red: Draining
      • Yellow: Stagnant
      • Green: Flowing
    • 1. Physicality and Health
    • 2. Money and Materials
    • 3. Displaying High Value
    • 4. Relationship Comfort
    • 5. Personality and Preferences
    • 6. High-Energy Sex
  • PART TWO: Fixing the Problem
    • Dealing With Your Energy Vampire
    • The Mindful Attraction Plan (MAP)
    • The Rest of Your Life

15:00 – Jay’s perspectives

  • MAP is a powerful little toolbox
  • You’ll be referencing this book continuously
  • Critique of MAP: I’d like a little more detail

22:30 – Matt’s perspectives

  • This book is a Call To Action – a MAP, a guide to help you out of the mess
  • Kay provides solutions to so many different problems with one simple system
  • Absolutely worth using on a monthly basis
  • Critique of the MAP: Need more explanation of “Vampires”

Matt’s favorite quotes from “The Mindful Attraction Plan”

“A problem and a bad solution will result in two problems. A problem and simply ignoring it remains just one problem. A problem and a real solution results in no problem. Therefore, if you’ve tried everything you can think of and you’re still lonely, broke, unhappy, overweight, in a bad relationship or undersexed, your real problem is your attempted solution. Before we fix your problem we have to fix your solution.”

Jay’s favorite quotes from “The Mindful Attraction Plan”

“Getting the love, sex and happiness you want are the side effects of having high personal energy.”

“It doesn’t matter what you work on, just as long as you are doing something positive to improve your overall energy levels.”

“Decide what you want. … If you don’t know what you want, no one else will tell you. … If you don’t know what you want, you will typically start falling into the stronger frame of other people who are seeking to get what they want. They are in action and thus have a higher energy than you do, so it’s easy for them to sway you and catch you up into their dreams rather than your own.”

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