TSMP #44 – How To Thrive Working From Home

Matt and Jay discuss how to thrive working from home, the surprising health benefits of telecommuting, Deep vs Light work, the right way to set up your home office, taking care of your body, why you need noise-cancelling headphones, video chat horror stories and much more!

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Episode 44 – How To Thrive Working From Home

WASM Article: How To Thrive Working From Home

6:30 – Everyone’s home from Coronavirus

8:30 – Feb 2020 – 4.7 million people working from home / Now who knows how many?

10:00 – Matt has worked from home for 4 years, lots of experience

12:30 – The multitude of benefits of working from home, less stress, happier, no commute, more convenient

14:00 – Using COVID time working from home then leverage your work-at-home skills after COVID is over

17:30 – Top 10 Ways to Thrive Working at Home

18:30 – 1. Set Up a Dedicated Work Area

21:00 – Don’t work at Starbucks if you’re going to be the douchebag who is constantly talking on your phone

24:00 – If you don’t create a dedicated work area you’re going to fail

25:30 – 2. Get the Right Equipment

26:30 – Matt sits on a Yoga Ball while he works at his computer

30:00 – How NOT to use Video Chats

33:30 – 3. Setting a Consistent Work Schedule

WASM Article: Scheduling Every Minute of the Day

36:00 – Let everyone know the times that you ARE available and the times you ARE NOT. Set boundaries first.

39:00 – Schedule DEEP work and LIGHT work

41:00 – 4. Schedule Breaks Throughout the Day

44:00 – 5. Take Care of Your Body

Great 10-minute stretch program from Outside Magazine

46:30 – Using great posture – engage your core

48:30 – Remember to breathe

49:30 – 6. Adjust Your Work Hours for Maximum Productivity

53:00 – 7. Mitigate Distractions

55:00 – Noise-cancelling headphones can be quite useful

56:00 – 8. Be Available To Your Manager

58:30 – Communicate regularly with your manager

60:30 – “Bad news doesn’t get better with age” – If you have a problem, tell your team ASAP

61:30 – 9. Many People Have Learned How To Thrive Working At Home

63:30 – 10. Work from Home Job Finding Resources

Forbes Article: 10 Work From Home Job Websites

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TSMP #44 – How To Thrive Working From Home 2

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