Conscious Eating Part 1: Meal Prep – TSMP #55

Matt and Jay discuss Conscious Eating and how it will help you create great meals, lose weight, feel better and transform your life. Plus meal creation, instant pots, eating boring food, the secret value of your freezer and much more!

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Ep. 55 – Conscious Eating Part 1: Meal Prep

Conscious Eating

  • Super brief definition of Conscious Eating: “Eating on Purpose – Not accidentally”
  • Definition of UNConscious Eating: “Anytime you mentally go on autopilot and put food in your head hole without calculating how it will affect your health, energy level, alertness, satisfaction and the physical shape that you want.”

Meal Prep

  • Best solution for Conscious Eating is Meal Prep
    • What is Meal prep? In short, it means preparing multiple meals ahead of time
    • Meal prep is a huge part of meal planning and meal planning is really THE foundation of conscious eating
    • Old saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – 100% true for eating. “If you fail to meal plan, you’re planning to fail on your goal of eating consciously.”
  • Tools:
    • Freezer, Instant pot, Crock pot, or just OG, with fire and a stick.
    • Internet – search recipes that work for your diet, and family size.
    • Amazon: Our choice for an Instant Pot

5 Steps to Meal Prep

  • Step 1. Create a rough menu for the week 
    • Focus: Think about building your meals around protein and fat and then accessorizing
    • Caution: If you’re highly motivated and OCD you might be tempted to make a menu for the entire month but be careful – It’s very easy to get overwhelmed! It’s much better to start small so we recommend sticking with one week at a time for now.
  • Step 2. Choose meals that you can prepare in bulk and then freeze (ie Roasts, Casseroles, Meat dishes, etc)
    • Focus: Plan 2-3 bulk meals that will cover at least three lunches and three dinners for all the members of your family.
    • Caution: Don’t make anything too fancy at this point. You’ll be spending a lot of time prepping at the beginning and you don’t want to get burned out.
  • Step 3. Finalize your menu and then buy all the food you’re going to eat for the week in one shopping trip
    • Focus: Once you’re at the store, start by buying all the ingredients for your bulk meals and then buy everything else
    • Caution: Try not to buy too many impulse buy junk foods to your shopping cart. The goal here is to start training yourself to only eat food based on your meal plan – aka Conscious Eating
  • Step 4. As soon as possible when you get home, prepare your bulk meals for the week and freeze them
    • Focus: Unless you have a strange schedule, weekends are the best for meal prep
    • Caution: If this is your first time meal prepping you may find yourself exhausted fairly quickly. Wine and good music can be helpful. Ditto healthy(ish) snacks.
  • Step 5. During the week, defrost your new frozen meals as needed, warm them up and Voila! Delicious meals in minutes that are custom-tailored for your dietary wants and needs
    • Focus: On a daily basis you can accessorize your meals with salads, cooked veggies, fruits, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, seeds, portion-controlled desserts, mineral waters, etc, etc. based on your weekly menu options
    • Caution: Don’t worry if you need to change your menu during the week. The first month or so is all about adaptation and finding what works for you, your partner and your family

Benefits of Meal Prep

  • Will help you lock in your macros – most guys don’t get enough protein and eat WAY too many carbs

WASM Articles: The Carbohydrates, The Proteins and The Fats

  • Control portion sizes – you can’t keep eating if there isn’t anything left.
    • It will help make sure you enjoy your meals
      • If you love your meals then you will look forward to eating food that’s good for you
    • This may be THE best way to losing weight/gaining muscle/feeling more alert/increasing energy/etc etc 
  • If possible, plan meal prep with your partner (ideally have them do it all for you lol)

Jay’s Tips On Meal Prep:

  • Personally I buy everything in bulk and then bag it up for work
  • Current go-to is Cajun ground Turkey sautéed w/various veggies. I eat it at least 4x week and it’s great
  • I can (and do) eat the same meal A LOT. Not everyone can. Adapt accordingly.
  • I love having high-quality bread on hand and then four or five options for sandwiches. Ditto lettuce+veggies+dressings for salads.
  • When it comes to meal prep, fridge is useful – freezer is amazing

Matt’s Tips On Meal Prep:

  • Wife prepping Instant pot meals ahead (examples), and freezing them in a ziploc for quick family meals
  •  Prep for me – planning the meal and the timing – I need variety in my food – I can’t eat the same thing – or I just look for something convenient. 
  • OMAD, or 4/24 IF works well for me

WASM Article: “One Meal a Day”

  • Or P/E  Ideal bodyweight in LBS =  the grams of protein per day. >50 grams carbs, Ideally >30 grams. And less than the difference of protein-carbs = max fat per day.  (example 150 lb target weight = 150 grams protein, 50 g carbs, then 100 grams of fat – to maintain, lower carbs and fat to lose weight, increase carbs/fat to gain weight.

WASM Article: “Rethink the 3 Macros – The P/E Diet”

Conclusion: Use Conscious Eating and Meal Prep to improve your life today!

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