A Cure for Entitlement – TSMP #62

Matt and Jay discuss the Age of Entitlement, the dangers of being a “victim,” the power of choosing pain, and how to succeed in an era of increasing failure.

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Intro: What Is Entitlement?

  • New Buzzfeed article: “Millennials Are Sharing The Things They Wish Older Generations Understood, and It’s Kind Of Heartbreaking”
  • Some quotes:
    • “I can’t have kids, buy a house, and go on vacation even with my $100k+ salary. At least, not if I want to have money saved for emergencies.”
      • Sure you can, you just need to be smarter with your money
    • “That the American economy is …unbelievably slanted against younger generations. Because those with power and money exerted their influence to gain more power and money. So now all the resources have been sucked up to the top, and young people are left fighting over table scraps.”
      • Okay, you obviously know shit about money
    • “Just because we’re more aware of our mental health and allow ourselves to feel what we want to feel, it doesn’t make us weak or ‘snowflakes.’ If anything, it makes us better at coping”
      • Theoretically yes, but in practice just because you know you’re upset doesn’t make you any less of a whiny little bitch
    • “Dad: ‘Just go in and ask for a job and keep going every day until they give you one.’ Me: ‘They just tell you to submit a resume online and never respond.'”
      • It’s just like dating online vs in person: If you go on Match.com and send a message to the hottest girl, don’t expect a response. She’s literally getting hundreds of messages per day. If you talk to her in person you’ll have a much better chance.
    • “I feel damn resentful when older folks tell me I should stay home with my kids. Like, yeah I’d love to if we could afford it, which we can’t. They act like it’s a choice to go back to work, when for a lot of moms, it’s not a choice.”
      • If you structure your life correctly, yes you can stay home with kids. Especially now with Zoom and online work options.
    • And finally, the ultimate statement of entitlement:
    • “There was hope in your time. You felt like you could change the world. Nowadays, our economy is fucked, our environment is fucked, our privacy is gone, our governments are pitting us against one another, and the planet is going to kill us off within the next century regardless of what we do about it. So don’t look down on us as ‘weak’ or call us ‘entitled’ if we’re a little pissed off and/or depressed about it, okay?”

Entitlement Definition

  • Merriam Webster: 
    • 1: a right to benefits specified especially by law or contract
    • 2: a government program providing benefits to members of a specified group
    • also : funds supporting or distributed by such a program
    • 3: belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges

Are You a “Victim”?

Are you being “Mistreated” in life? Take this quiz!

  • Are you:
  • Black? Hispanic? Asian? White? Mixed ethnicity?
    • Are you “mistreated” by others in any way because of your race? 
  • Gay? Lesbian? Bi? Queer? Unsure?
    • Are you “mistreated” because of your sexuality?
  • Female? Male? Trans? Non-Binary?
    • Are you “mistreated” because of your gender?
  • Lower income? Poor? Very poor?
    • Have you been “mistreated” when it comes to wealth?
  • Disabled in some way?
    • Physical conditions like Epilepsy, Diabetes or arthritis? Temporary (or permanently) injured? Partially (or totally) blind? Missing limbs?
  • Mental health issues?
    • Oh the issues
  • Age: “Are you too old?” “Too young?” 
  • Raised in a “dysfunctional family”?
  • Not given the same opportunities as “they” (some group of them) did?
  • Are you ugly? Overweight? Socially awkward? Still living with parents? No life skills? No good training to be an adult?
  • In short…
    • Are you human?
    • Then you’ve been “mistreated” by others!

Victims vs Successful People

  • What’s the difference between a Successful Individual and a Victim of Entitlement?
    • A Victim blames someone else for their lack of success; A Successful Person takes responsibility themselves, learns from mistakes
    • A Victim needs someone else to fix their problem; A Successful Person finds a solution
    • A Victim is always at the mercy of “others” who “control them” and “keep them from succeeding”; A Successful Person knows how to network with others to their advantage
    • A Victim will never be able to succeed; A Successful Person has learned how to succeed in any environment

Some Common Arguments of Entitled Victims

  • “They” (fill in the blank group of people):
    • “They” get more than I get
    • “They” keep treating me badly, no matter what I do
    • “They” have unfair advantages over me
    • “They” have all the power/money/opportunities and I don’t have any
    • “They” are evil people because they don’t share what “they” have with me
    • “They” are the enemy…and we must fight so we can destroy “them”!

How Did Entitlement Happen?

  • Huge middle class in America starting in the 50s…
  • …continuous improvements in technology, global supply chain, specialization, bulk items, computers, internet and 
  • …has translated into more and more convenient living for less money for the next 70 years…
  • Easy living …breeds desire for even easier living
  • The better you have it, the more insulated you are from the true difficulties of life

How To Cure Entitlement

If you’re struggling for what to be grateful for, here’s a list of 263 things

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