20 Lessons From 2020 – TSMP #54

Matt and Jay discuss the valuable lessons from 2020 they’ve learned from the chaos, including how to get fat quickly, how to co-author a book without murdering your cousin, family leadership during a crisis, the value of great whiskey, the dangers of Big Brother and much more!

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Ep. 54 – 20 Lessons From 2020

Jay’s 10 Lessons from 2020

  1. It’s much easier to KEEP doing something than to START doing something
  2. There’s ALWAYS a good excuse for not doing things.
  3. If you don’t EVOLVE you will DEVOLVE
  4. Always have one (and only one) scary, badass goal you’re working towards. 
  5. S.M.A.R.T. goals are CRITICAL to accomplishing any big goal
  6. Vacations are WAY more valuable than I gave them credit for
  7. Go camping. Backpacking even better. Do it. All men need to go camping regularly.
  8. Women are a great ADDITION to your life…but if they ARE your life, you’re fucked.
  9. Don’t watch the news. Seriously. Don’t watch it.
    1. Consider using Ground.news to give yourself a broader appeal
  10. Consciously control your social media feed. Add good, curious, compassionate, positive people. Eliminate drama hungry emotional vampires.

Matt’s 10 Lessons from 2020

  1. Editing a book is HARD, and takes forever
  2. Embrace Change
  3. Think for yourself, Question Authority
  4. I learned a lot about the 1918 Spanish Flu
  5. Be the leader, family will follow.
  6. How differently people react to pandemic
  7. Big brother is not there to protect you
  8. Election system is very fragile, and easy to lose confidence in.
  9. Keep your life consistent despite adversity
  10. Continue to help others, now maybe more than ever.

CONCLUSION: 2020 was a RESET year. Adapt your thinking accordingly. You’re not the same. Nobody is the same. That’s not a bad thing. Don’t focus on the bullshit and garbage – focus on what you learned and use it to make yourself smarter, stronger and even more Superior for 2021!

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