10 Ways To Make the World More Superior – TSMP #69

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Jay’s 5 Ways To Make the World More Superior

  • Choose a Gender.
    • Make up your mind and choose a damn gender. Seriously.
  • Stop whining and start working.
    • In particular for political parties
    • Be a part of the problem…no wait…be a part of the SOLUTION, not part of the problem.
  • Get a job.
    • Stop taking advantage of other people (significant other, family, friends, government, etc).
  • Stop judging people.
    • Judge ideas and concepts, not people. Love people because they’re flawed – just like you are.
  • Commit to something long-term.
    • Getting your dream job. Getting – and keeping – an incredible woman. Losing weight, building muscle and getting a great body.
    • You need to make goals to accomplish anything but committing goes way deeper than that. A commitment not only allows you to GET the thing you want, it CHANGES WHO YOU ARE in the process.

Matt’s 5 Ways To Make the World More Superior

  • Take Ownership
    • Take ownership of your life, the good and the bad.
  • Job does not equal happiness
    • Your Job is not the deep meaningful center of your life, your job is how you fund the deep meaningful center of your life, or buy drugs, whatever.
  • (Don’t) Fuck the Police
    • Seriously, The police are not your enemy. They are good people doing a thankless job protecting you from all the assholes out there. They are also the crazy ones running toward gunfire…
  • Learn to Play an instrument
    • Learn to plan an instrument – seriously, you don’t have to be good, just pick something that sounds cool and learn at least the basics. Except a recorder, fuck those things
  • Default response
    • Find a better response than “Fine” – I love using – outstanding!. It always takes people by surprise and changes the tone of the conversation.

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