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“On a cool and crisp Sunday spring morning, It’s first and goal with the super ultimate mega awesome bowl up for grabs.  There is barely a sound made on the block as the play ball is snapped and the countdown begins. One alligator – two alligator – three alligator – four alligator – five alligator – ahhhhhhhh. I fade back and look to my 7 year old daughter, she is covered by my 10 year old son, very well covered – twice her size covered, no dice. I look to my 7 year old son and lob the ball as my 9 year old son rushes in and tries to two hand touch tackle me. The 7 year old makes an NFL worthy diving catch, completely unnecessary since he was wide open, to win the game. The crowd of one, my wife, goes wild.”


This scene is repeated over and over quite often. As a father I can attest to the importance of fun and play. Playing does not start and end outside with games. It continues throughout the day, from roughhousing with the kids, to picking up the wife and overpowering her while she is making dinner. As a man and/or a father it is our job and our duty to introduce a little fun into the lives of our families. Be silly, be fun, be you.

Be the Example

As the leader of the house, the man sets the example. He sets the tone and directs the tone of the household. As a Superior Man we must break the mold and offer variety and spontaneity for our family. It’s very easy to get caught up in routine activities. The normal day is often something like this:

  1. Wake up
  2. Get ready/get kids ready
  3. Work/school
  4. Come home
  5. Dinner
  6. Sleep
  7. Repeat

We have to be the ones that interject fun into our families. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and the wife/girlfriend/LTR or you have a dozen kids going along. In fact especially if you have a dozen kids YOU have to be the one that breaks them out of that routine. Because you have a good woman, she is already making sure the day-to-day activities are taken care of or delegated out.

Men must interject some life into the family and give our women some escape.

Women are talkers, Superior men are doers. Women talk about all of their problems, and to a certain degree that helps them cope and put things into perspective. Men generally prefer to do activities, find solutions, get it done and move onto the next thing. On numerous occasions I have told my wife to be ready at a certain time wearing a specific thing. I’ll then take her out and have a good time. I won’t tell her all of the planning and research that went into finding the restaurant, getting the reservations, arranging someone to watch the kids, etc. She finds out a couple hours prior when I tell her to be ready.


You also must be playful with your wife. She is your first mate, she is in charge and running the ship while you are away. You need to give her a bit of fun and excitement. As Hunter Drew states on his blog “TheFamilyAlpha”:  

“I fuck with my wife constantly. You know the whole, Pick on the girls at the playground concept? I do that and I have since we were together – keeps shit fresh.

Why do I do it? Because it fucking works and I am honestly enjoying life and my marriage.

Talking shit, pulling pranks, just straight fucking with your wife in a tactful way leads to a solid and healthy relationship. I would never pull the chair out from under her as that would make her look stupid in front of everyone or she’d break her ass. But I would replace her incense with a sparkler. (House went up like it was the 4th of July)

Play 1

I’ll hide shit, put things where she can’t reach them, refuse to give a direct answer or give an overly complicated answer to any questions that she should know.”

Why not just be boring and come home from a long days work and turn on the TV, absorbing into the couch? Why not just be mediocre and play video games all day? Because we are Superior Men!

Your woman craves excitement, and your kids desire play. You can provide it to them both. Find me a man that as a dad loves to play with his kids, and a husband loves to play with his wife, and you have found a very happy Superior home.

Live Happy, Live Superior!

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Matt is a husband, a father, an avid motorcycle rider, and an all around awesome guy.
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