A Man's Path of Purpose 1

A Man’s Path of Purpose

By Sigma | May 23, 2021

Today’s article about purpose is by our friend Sigma. Sigma is a health consultant and spiritual teacher. For more information about Sigma and his excellent work check the links below this article. Editor’s Note: As excellent as they are, our guest authors here at WASM may not share all the same beliefs that we do. …


The Oldest Champion In History

By Jathan | April 1, 2019

On November 5, 1994, five days before his 46th birthday, George Foreman stepped into the ring in an attempt to regain the Heavyweight Boxing Championship of the World. He wanted to prove that “there’s no death sentence at age 40 or even 50.” But he had a hell of a long ways to go before he was champion.

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2019 best podcast

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019

By Matt | March 27, 2019

Podcasts are the best media of our time. Whether you want to find self-help topics, be entertained, find great comedy, or a good murder mystery, podcasts are the way to go. Starting as a niche industry with seemingly limitless conspiracy theorists, podcasting has evolved into the mainstream in the past decade. More than half of …

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Can Less Pleasure Bring You More Happiness? 12

Can Less Pleasure Bring You More Happiness?

By Jathan | March 18, 2019

For many modern people, dealing with the pain of life is too uncomfortable. We need to feel good, all the time, no matter what. But our addiction is killing us. The solution is to remove the abundant pleasures from our life, embrace the pain and become strong men once again.

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Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You…

By Matt | March 11, 2019

The single biggest factor is learning early that choices have consequences, both good and bad. You study hard, you earn a good grade. You steal, you get punished.

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Pleasure Stacking: Our Favorite New Poison

By Jathan | March 4, 2019

In the 21st century if one pleasure is good, two must be better…and three must be the best. But what happens if we can’t stop this insatiable craving? And is there any way to slow down before it’s too late?

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