5 Ways To Stay Happy During An Apocalypse

By Jathan | April 30, 2022

Just like any good apocalypse, it all starts with an earthquake…. The war in Europe. Oil and gas lines being cut off.  Crop and food staple shortages. The resurgence of Covid in China. Supply chain bottlenecks. The stock market’s worst week since March of 2020. Massive spikes in inflation. Racial tensions. Lack of faith in …

What I Learned Running My First Marathon 2

What I Learned Running My First Marathon

By Jathan | June 17, 2019

This last week Jay ran the 2019 San Diego Rock ‘N Roll Marathon. It was an amazing experience that taught him five valuable lessons. No matter what your goal is, if you’re ready for the next level his insights can help you finish your race.

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By Matt and Jay | June 11, 2019

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our brand new, 30-minute book review podcast! Every month we’ll take a great book and cram hundreds of pages of awesome material into a single, concentrated shot of entertaining enlightenment…

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shit test

Why You Should Embrace Women’s Shit Tests

By Sigma | June 3, 2019

The reason you should embrace and even relish a woman testing you is because she is subconsciously signaling that she wants you to lead her. But first she wants to make sure you’ve got a strong grip before she hands over the reigns….

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Schedule Every Minute

By Matt | May 20, 2019

I was reminded of effective scheduling while listening to the audiobook by David Goggins called Can’t Hurt Me. I highly recommend the audiobook over the physical book (I own both) because at the end of each chapter it’s more of a podcast with questions and answers. But one section he talked about setting your life …

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How Kaizen (改善) Will Make You Better At Everything 7

How Kaizen (改善) Will Make You Better At Everything

By Jathan | May 5, 2019

Kaizen is a powerful philosophy that helped rebuild Japan, transform US business and change the world. Read on to learn how this simple system can help you accomplish literally anything!

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