20 Lessons We Learned in 2020 1

20 Lessons We Learned in 2020

By Matt | January 1, 2021

2020 has been one hell of a year, right? Thankfully, no matter how much of a shit show things may be, there’s always a chance to learn something. In this article we polish up the diamonds from the chunks of coal Santa left in our collective stockings. Jay’s 10 Things I learned in 2020 1. …

Turn Your Woman Into a Nympho 3

Turn Your Woman Into a Nympho

By Jathan | July 15, 2019

Do women really love sex? Is it possible to transform your wife or girlfriend from a cold, neutered fish into a sex-craving fuckbunny? Can you get laid a lot more often and have her begging you for it? Yes, yes and yes! Keep reading for the secrets to unlocking her inner nympho!

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smart home

Setting Up A Cutting Edge Smart Home in 2019

By Matt | July 1, 2019

I’m all about efficiency, maintaining productivity, and some new fun gadgets. I usually am an early adopter of new technology, and I love new toys.

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What I Learned Running My First Marathon 4

What I Learned Running My First Marathon

By Jathan | June 17, 2019

This last week Jay ran the 2019 San Diego Rock ‘N Roll Marathon. It was an amazing experience that taught him five valuable lessons. No matter what your goal is, if you’re ready for the next level his insights can help you finish your race.

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By Matt and Jay | June 11, 2019

Today we’re excited to announce the release of our brand new, 30-minute book review podcast! Every month we’ll take a great book and cram hundreds of pages of awesome material into a single, concentrated shot of entertaining enlightenment…

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shit test

Why You Should Embrace Women’s Shit Tests

By Eric Crake | June 3, 2019

The reason you should embrace and even relish a woman testing you is because she is subconsciously signaling that she wants you to lead her. But first she wants to make sure you’ve got a strong grip before she hands over the reigns….

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