5 Ways To Stay Happy During An Apocalypse

By Jathan | April 30, 2022

Just like any good apocalypse, it all starts with an earthquake…. The war in Europe. Oil and gas lines being cut off.  Crop and food staple shortages. The resurgence of Covid in China. Supply chain bottlenecks. The stock market’s worst week since March of 2020. Massive spikes in inflation. Racial tensions. Lack of faith in …


Matt’s Workout and Diet Plan

By Matt | April 13, 2017

I have talked with a couple of you on and off and told you what I’m doing as far as losing weight and working out, however I really haven’t gotten into much detail so I’ll do that now. Before I go any further detail about my workout and diet, I want to say that I’m …

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The Bug on the Wall

By Matt | April 6, 2017

A few months ago I noticed a mosquito hawk on the wall, near the ceiling of my downstairs bathroom, just sitting there. I don’t mind them at all so I figured I’d let him be, after all he’ll just take off and kill and eat some bugs in the house which is always a good …

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My Fitness Pal: The Ultimate Weight-Loss App

By Jathan | March 29, 2017

Ready to lose weight? If so, this little app is about to become your new best friend…

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Choosing a Goal

By Matt | March 23, 2017

My goal is to lose weight. My goal is to eat better. My goal is to get stronger. My goal is to have more sex with my wife. What do all of those have in common? Yep, very weak goals. Easy to say you did it or walk away without losing face. When I sent …

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Setting Up a Home Gym

By Matt | March 21, 2017

Why a home gym? About 2 years ago I decided that I wanted to get stronger, build muscle and stop being fat. After much research, It looked like weight training was the place to start and make the most gain. So at first, I started looking at the big box gyms, 24-hour fitness, LA fitness, …

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