5 Ways To Stay Happy During An Apocalypse

By Jathan | April 30, 2022

Just like any good apocalypse, it all starts with an earthquake…. The war in Europe. Oil and gas lines being cut off.  Crop and food staple shortages. The resurgence of Covid in China. Supply chain bottlenecks. The stock market’s worst week since March of 2020. Massive spikes in inflation. Racial tensions. Lack of faith in …


High Fat, Low Carb Eating – Part 2 – The Protein

By Matt | October 3, 2017

Protein shakes, powders, bars – It seems you can’t go anywhere without hearing that you don’t get enough protein. I devoted Part One to the Carb as I believe it is the most misunderstood macro-nutrient. With Part Two I will be much less controversial.  However, I hope that you will learn a thing or two about …

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How to Travel the Right Way – Part 2

By Matt | October 1, 2017

Travel the right way. In Part 1 I talked about how to travel smart. This post will discuss the airlines, hotels, rental cars and the different points programs, what’s good, what’s not and what to look for. Basically how to get the most bang for your buck. Airlines No, the airlines are not there to …

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Military PFT Challenge

By Matt | September 1, 2017

Do you have the basic fitness level required of the US armed forces? Have you ever wondered what the PT (physical Training) tests involve? I’ll go through each of the 4 main armed forces tests and then give you a challenge.

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Making a Plan for Your Life

By Matt | August 28, 2017

What are we without a plan but a leaf blowing any direction the wind wants to take us. As a Superior Man we don’t let life happen to us, we grab the bull by its horns and lead it where we want.

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The Six-Pack Project - Part II 9

The Six-Pack Project – Part II

By Jathan | August 25, 2017

Welcome back! If you’re reading this, I assume you’re wondering if I achieved my goal of a six-pack in six months. Let’s let the photos speak for themselves. First pic was me on February 21 of this year, weighing in at a solid 184 lbs. The last pic was August 12 at 154lbs. As you …

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