Metal Motivation – Machine Head – “Exhale the Vile”

With an almost 2 minute slow pumping build, this song drives and kicks your ass!!

Can’t match the stare within these eyes
Do you have the strength for all your lies
Can’t stand the pain with which i see
This integrity is what i breathe

I inhale this life i gave to you
And exhale the vile

Time will tell Because my friend and
Never will I concede the end
‘Cause catarac resin fills my eyes
Never gonna see the man Through your fake lies

Tell me the things that’ll take time
To help see the things That’ll take this
Burn inside of me

Can’t feel the sting from words gone by
Can’t keep the papers filled with lies
Ten fold, this confidence I breed
Created back the words I see

I’ll inhale this gift I gave to you
And exhale the vile
Kill this fire with gasoline
Convictions I spit, my faith obscene


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