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Superior men are men of action. Purposeful action. In an earlier post, I talked about time-saving tips. I have also previously talked about one of my favorite books last year called the Mindful Attraction Plan. What I want to discuss now is taking action on those plans you have made. I wrote a very short piece to get you motivated and get it done!


I am a planner and an organizer when it comes to anything in the future. I like to sit down and figure it out in a word document or on a spreadsheet. In this way, the book Mindful Attraction Plan really appealed to me because it allowed me to nerd out on identifying and organizing problems or potential problems in my life. One of the points made in the book were all of the little things you need to do around the house or in your life that you just haven’t made time to do. The bad thing about those “little things” is that every time you walk past the sink, where you have really been meaning to scrub those pots and pans, it zaps some of your life force. Add all of those things together and they can really weigh down on you.

5-Minute Rule

A Superior Man must get shit done but you can’t just go around doing mindless busy work to keep yourself occupied. You must have a balance between completing tasks and keeping occupied. I came up with a 5-Minute rule. Simply stated: If you aren’t currently busy and you run across something that needs to be done and it takes less than 5 minutes to do, Do It Right Now. Don’t think about it, don’t equivocate, just get it done and check it off your list.

Micro Successes

Todoist or other planning tools can help keep you organized and on task. I have used Todoist religiously for a little over 2 years and it has made a huge difference with keeping me on task. What I have found (and research bears this out) is that little successes pave the way for larger success. Train your brain to create a positive loop. Completing tasks makes you feel better, putting them off makes you feel worse.

Get out there, make your to-do list and start checking items off. It won’t take long before your habit is made and all those things you never could find time to do are always just done.

Stay on task. Stay Superior!!

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