A Man’s Path of Purpose

Today’s article about purpose is by our friend Sigma. Sigma is a health consultant and spiritual teacher. For more information about Sigma and his excellent work check the links below this article.

Editor’s Note: As excellent as they are, our guest authors here at WASM may not share all the same beliefs that we do. In spite of this fact, we choose to present their thoughts on this website as raw as possible as part of our ongoing quest for education, entertainment and truth.

Your Innate Genius

The primary difference between a homeless drug addict and Elon Musk is not inherent skills, IQ or even potential. The difference is their individual life purposes. BOTH are perfectly executed every day. Elon Musk pursues the creation of rockets, electric cars, artificial intelligence and space exploration. The drug addict pursues immediate pleasure and/or avoidance of pain. No judgement on either, the world is a big place, but evolution teaches us that only the fittest survive and thrive and unfortunately not everyone can be the fittest. To succeed your goal should be to find your niche and then become the master of that niche. Do not try to be the fastest swimmer in the entire Atlantic Ocean. NO NO NO. Instead build your own little pond in the desert and then master that shit.

Every man has innate genius in at least one discipline. Your job is to find it (hint: it’s probably not what your parents are telling you to do.) If you let others dictate WHICH path to walk you will likely end up a failure because you are not on YOUR path but rather someone else’s. Many men spend their lives trying to please others and live up to their plan for your life, ie. Your dad attempting to live vicariously through your successes, Your mom trying to make you into the man she wishes your dad was, Your wife’s desire to turn you into that stud from The Bachelor, etc.

If I had listened to parents, grandparents and “mentors” advice I would likely be selling houses right now, making 6 figures and married to a “good” girl who sticks my penis in her mouth once per month. Instead, I am writing and living a modest material life with few creature comforts and an inconsistent sex life. Why would I make such an “illogical” decision? Because, for me, one path leads to exploration, satisfaction and personal fulfillment while the other leads to frustration, anger and depression.

A socially acceptable career that is stable, attracts women and pays well does NOT automatically mean happiness and fulfillment for men.

Monkeys will drown in the ocean and dolphins cannot climb trees yet dolphins are expert swimmers and monkeys are at home swinging in the branches. Do you see what I am getting at here? Societal rules and norms can exert a crushing pressure to turn a sea creature into a land mammal or vice versa. This is both a disservice to you personally but more importantly a tragedy for society at large. Both unique animals have unique purposes. Follow your heart. What are YOU naturally good at doing? Figure it out and then go do that shit! It is already in your DNA, it’s natural and fulfilling for you… why would you fight that in an attempt to fit into a dysfunctional society that doesn’t know up from down?

Finding Your Path

How do you know you are on your path of purpose? The biggest and most obvious indicator for me personally is to ask myself “When I do a certain kind of work (sales, architecture, healthcare, accounting, etc) am I existentially depressed?” If the answer to this is yes, then clearly you are not on your God given purpose. 

The clearest indicator you are on your divine purpose is when worry, fear and anxiety evaporate like sweat in a cool breeze. When you’re in this state, you’re not concerned about obstacles because you know that the solution is already bred into your DNA. You’re not worried about money, because you know that forces unseen are providing your sustenance. When you’re pursuing your purpose you’re not chasing the money or even the pussy (that will naturally come with it) but instead enacting your God given skills to make the world a better place. 

The Universe always supports that which supports the Universe. Why would it not? This is the essence of evolution.

A Man's Path of Purpose 1

Process-Focus vs Outcome-Focus

When you are working on your divine purpose, you prefer process (mastering the craft) over outcome (outward success). When you are on society’s path, you are focused on outcome over process, performing a task that you hate (indentured servitude) in order to obtain a given means (paycheck). The difference between these two states provides a HUGE dichotomy as to how you will experience your life.

For me, I know that I LOVE doing standup comedy and writing novels (craft) regardless of whether or not I ever get published or get a Netflix special (outcome). Even if I “fail” I still have a great life because I do the craft for the pure love of the game.

On the other hand, if I do real estate full time – which I do not really care for nor do I derive any sense of meaning/purpose other than a paycheck – I am focused on the money (outcome) rather than the skill (process) of real estate. And that’s fine if you find yourself in a job purely for money for a month or two BUT if you stay in it for too long, naturally you will become depressed because it’s not your purpose in life. It will always be better to take a job/internship that pays less but moves you in the direction of your purpose than to take a high paying job that distracts and pulls you off your path of purpose.

Of these two focuses, which do you think will produce higher income and higher quality work in the long run?

And yes, I know that what I am saying goes against nearly everything you were programmed to believe. However, ask yourself – are the majority of people who dish out advice to young people actually happy and fulfilled? Are your parents people you admire and aspire to one day become? Be careful because if you follow their advice you will gradually become them. And maybe there is nothing wrong with that for you… BUT maybe, just maybe some of your desire to blaze your own path in life and take the road less traveled through the Universe is leading you down the path of a purpose driven existence.

Could you imagine a world where Jimi Hendrix focused on advancing his military career over playing guitar and inventing a new genre of music? Can you picture a reality in which Charles Bukowski was promoted up the ranks in the US postal service and got lost in the bustle of life instead of pumping out novels? Or maybe Jesus choosing to become a traditional Hebrew Rabbi instead of creating Christianity? What if Steve Jobs didn’t have the balls to live in a tent and survive off the soup line while learning to code? The reason these men are still etched into the memory of human Consciousness long after they have departed is not because they listened to society but rather listened to their higher purpose calling from within themselves.

Every man is a dream in the heart of God waiting to be actualized into this physical dreamworld. Men are born to make God’s dreams become a reality. Never forget that Mother Nature has very different purposes for each of you, so if you have a dream in your heart, know that it is from the Divine.

6 Reasons Why Men Give Up Their Purpose In Life

1. Their Purpose Isn’t “Practical”

Dreams are never 100% “practical.” Whatever you choose is going to be ridiculous, inconvenient and tremendously difficult – especially at the beginning. If our dreams were obviously practical every man would be hard at work on achieving his own purpose. Yet very few men live intentional and purposeful lives. Most live lives of quiet desperation and despair, falling into the infinite heap of betas who prioritize safety over freedom and practicality over purpose. The fact that YOUR sperm met YOUR egg is not just impractical and improbable it’s basically impossible so get the fuck outta here with that lame ass excuse that your purpose isnt practical. The fact you even exist is the closest thing to magic that we can comprehend. Don’t waste it.

2. Their Purpose Need a Woman’s Approval

This is a big one. Every man is born from the vagina and he spends the rest of his life trying to slide back into it. The majority of men place pussy over purpose and I get it, fucking a vagina feels great. But you know what feels 10x better? Fucking your dream into reality. Your sexual energy can be used to fuck women or it can be used to fuck life and give birth to an “impractical” purpose. I guarantee you 200% YOU WILL lose girlfriends, wives and maybe even your mom’s “love” in order to follow your purpose (high level female shit test). And you know what? It’s totally worth it.

The real irony is that although their pride may be hurt and they may hate you in the moment, eventually these same women will be even MORE drawn to you once you gain real traction on your path of purpose.  

Logic test: Do you honestly believe that the guilt sex your wife MIGHT dole out once per week will somehow overcome the misery from working ten hour days every week at a meaningless job you hate? Here is the life equation for betas in modern marriage: 50 hours of wage slavery + 20 hours of domestic work/child rearing + legal marriage contract = Ten minutes of sex, once per week…IF your wife is feeling guilty enough. Uhhhh ya, I think I will pass on that GREAT opportunity for everlasting “love.” Thanks though! 

In the 1950’s it made a lot more sense for men to take a factory job, marry Betty and have a good simple life. Why? Because marriage for the most part was enforced by religion and society through duty, shame and social stigma. Betty would have to cook, clean, do laundry and open her legs regularly whether she loved you or not. 

This was a pretty solid equation for the 1950’s male: Go to a so-so job and come home to a hot meal, clean house and guaranteed sex = Not a bad life at all. And even though this guy likely did nothing to live a life of higher level purpose/intention, he had a damn good comfortable life so he simply didn’t give a shit whether or not his life felt “meaningful.” 

In today’s world Betty doesn’t have to do ANY of that household shit and she definitely doesn’t have to open her legs for her husband (she’s too busy doing it for her trainer at the gym). This is neither good nor bad, it’s just a fact that mother nature is gradually weeding out betas from the mating pool. Removing regular sex from a man’s life will either MAKE him or BREAK him. Removing regular sex forces him to evolve into something much better (by finding his purpose and becoming more sexualy attractive) or he caves into despair and depression (via porn and a meaningless existence without a woman). 

This is the underlying problem most men have with sex – and with women in general. If you’re getting laid regularly, it’s easy to become complacent with your life mission. You put it on the back burner for a few years until the fire goes out completely. When the brain has already fulfilled its biological imperative through orgasm, who gives a fuck if you finish that novel or not? See what I mean?

Purpose must be more important than sex if you want to be fulfilled as a man.

3. They Give Up Their Purpose To Have Children

One of the biggest lies society tells men is that somehow having a family will automatically give you all the purpose you need in life. This is bullshit. Many of the weakest, most beta men I have ever met were fathers (or so they thought, paternity fraud is real). 

Becoming a father can easily make you weak, distracted and give you a false sense of security and purpose in life. What happens when your kids move out? Or worse, what happens when your kids NEVER move out? 

Many men suddenly find their lives revolving around their children and their mother simply because they had an unconscious orgasm inside of a woman. If they’re not careful they will AUTOMATICALLY become a full-time beta provider. At this point, providers that have not already achieved their purpose will be forced to give them up once they get locked into that role. Do you really want to give up YOUR dreams in order to make an unknown variable your sole purpose in life?

If you are on your purpose FIRST and then decide to have children, great. You’ve made the call on your terms and you can shift into a provider role once you have a SOLID foundation. But if you have a weak foundation without purpose it’s going to lead to chaos for everyone involved.

If you’re going to have children, make sure you have a strong life mission before you fill the world with your offspring. 

4. They’re Afraid of Actualizing Their Purpose

You can never become greater than the current concept you hold of yourself. If you see yourself as a limited being, you cannot surpass this limited ideal. So create an unlimited ideal of yourself with no ceiling.

Sometimes we struggle to let go of the image we had of who were as children – weak, bullied, traumatized, scared and struggling to survive. Well, that’s not who you actually are. That was a very difficult shit test from the Universe. 

If you had a fucked up childhood like myself, congrats you are already evolutionarily superior because if you survived an abusive childhood, I guarantee you nothing in adult life comes close to that level of pain. The dark side of this is that if you had repeated traumas growing up, you are also likely your greatest enemy because as various life situations trigger these core childhood wounds you’ll be forced to relive them over and over until you are able to transcend them.

There are many ways to transcend trauma, including professional therapy, group therapy, self-help programs, coaching, meditation, artistic work and many others. In the last few years I’ve found micro-dosing with hallucinogenic drugs has been very beneficial to help me rewire my thought patterns and to become more and more successful (CAUTION: Any drug, no matter how effective, should always be used under the supervision of a qualified therapist.) Ultimately having a disciplined daily regime working on your purpose will do more to overcome your childhood than any type of therapy. Actualizing the powerful man who you really are will give peace to that little boy inside you.

Through the process of accomplishing your life purpose, you will become the hero in your own story. For many men this can be terrifying because they’ve never felt good enough to be truly successful. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Every hero has a painful origin story – do not forget that. Choose the alter-ego/super hero in your own mind and become that character when you speak to others, get on stage, create artwork, sit down to write, etc. 

Your family needs you. Your community needs you. The world needs you. Stand up to your fear, create a new vision for yourself and become the hero that you were always born to be.

5. They Had – or Have – Fathers Who Sabotage Their Purpose

Most fathers who did not live up to their own potential are terrified of seeing their sons surpass them. In order to counteract their own insecurities, they sabotage their sons at every turn, attempting to turn them into beta men like themselves

Statistically your dad likely settled for a less than stellar career path in order to marry your mom and have a family (aka You). Of course it is possible that he was fully satisfied and on his purpose when he brought you and your siblings into the world but considering most men struggle with their life mission, the odds are not good. 

If your dad did sacrifice his dreams to have you, at some level he will naturally be resentful, angry or even depressed that he gave up his goals and mission in order to have a family. This feeling is why a lot of men neglect or abuse their kids and why those children, especially the boys, grow up angry and without a sense of purpose themselves.

Do not repeat the cycle of generational abuse and dysfunction. If you are a father, start spending time on your purpose and return to alignment with your beliefs, passion and mission. Then, once you’ve found your own way, teach your sons how to find theirs. If you are a son with a sabotaging father, separate yourself from him until you can find your path and purpose. Then, once you are strong and stable, you can return to your father and work on rebuilding a healthy relationship from the ground up.

Fathers and sons make the world what it is and what it will be. Wherever you are in this equation, do your part to make it a good world.

6. They Are Wasting Their Sexual Energy

Ancient societies knew the importance of not wasting a man’s sexual energy. Why? Because every time a man ejaculates, his levels of testosterone decrease. And a man with low levels of testosterone will not be accomplishing much of anything at all.

Your purpose will come naturally and easy when you have high levels of testosterone flowing through your body. It should not feel like a chore or work – if it does, you are probably jerking off too much.

Porn is dangerous. There is absolutely no way around this fact. If you watch porn multiple times a day, you are impoverishing your creative energies. We have all been there, it’s really easy to open your favorite bookmark on your smart phone to relieve some stress through ejaculation. BUT while constantly jerking off to porn does bring short term relief, working on your purpose will bring long term fulfillment.

Challenge: Next time you feel the urge to pull up PornHub, go work on your purpose for an hour instead. Once you get into the zone and start feeling good about yourself and your future, you won’t be thinking about jerking off. Even better, when you finally have high levels of testosterone and pheromones seeping out of your pores, guess what?! Mother nature rewards you by allowing you to have sex with real women instead of fucking your own hand in the privacy of your moms basement. And the best part is you won’t even have to chase them, they’ll be chasing you.

If you haven’t realized how goddamned powerful sexual energy is, think about the fact that microscopic tadpoles live in your balls that literally turn into human beings!! What the bloody fuck? If that is not crazy, I really do not know what is. You have magic tadpoles that you shoot out of your dick that can create life. Why do you think society and women try to steal your attention through pornography and dressing slutty? Think about it, it’s a massively powerful creative force. Entire nations are ruled through their sexual nature.

Once he learns the necessary discipline, a man can literally do ANYTHING by harnessing his sexual energy.


It’s not complicated. Find your purpose and get on it, stop jerking off to porn and most of your problems in life will start to work themselves out naturally. This is not an overnight process but a gradual transformation. Your purpose is your true north and all of your life and decisions will orient themselves around this true north once you have calibrated your compass appropriately.

To contact Sigma for one-on-one health consulting, email him at EliteHealingSystem@Gmail.com. He has over a hundred instructional videos as well as regular live workshops on his popular YouTube Channel. You can also follow him on Instagram at Elite Health Consulting.

Stay Superior!

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Sigma is a massage therapist, holistic health advocate, podcaster, writer and stand-up comic. He's passionate about helping men improve their sex lives and their spiritual evolution. You can reach him at elitehealingsystem@gmail.com

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