Intro to Sensual Massage – Part 2 – Hands-On

Welcome back! This is part two of our series on how to give your woman an amazing sensual massage. If you haven’t read Intro to Sensual Massage part 1 – Setting the Mood make sure you do that first.

Okay, so you’ve done the prep work. The kids are at their grandparents, the roommates are out of town. You’ve set up the lights, music and temperature. You’ve picked up your supplies. You have a good massage space set up. You’re almost ready to begin. There’s just a few more steps you’ll need to take before you start the massage itself.

Before She gets on the table:

  • Set the table height – Adjust it until it’s a few inches below your hip bone
  • Have her take a shower or bath
  • After her shower, help her into robe
  • Make sure she’s 100% naked (no bra or underwear)
  • Walk her to the massage area then help her out of robe and onto the massage table
  • Compliment her body – tell her she’s beautiful and you can’t wait to touch her
  • Start her off face-down, in between the two sheets and under the blanket

Guidelines for Massage:

  • You can use your hands, fingers, palms, fists or knuckles
  • Don’t use your thumbs for more than a few minutes or you’ll be in pain
  • Go slowly
  • Ask her about pressure as you go
  • Use different kinds of massage – long, smooth strokes; gently kneading; etc.
  • Avoid touching her bones (spine, shoulder blades, hip bones, etc)
  • Pay attention to how she responds!

Remember, what you’re performing today is a ‘Sensual’ massage not a ‘Therapeutic’ massage. What’s the difference?

Sensual Massage
Goal is relaxation and arousal
Takes place at home
Softer pressure
Anyone can do this
Sex after the massage is awesome

Therapeutic Massage
Goal is soothing muscles and pain relief
Most often at a clinic/spa
Harder pressure
Performed by a professional
Sex after the massage can get you arrested

 Alright, let’s get this party started! What follows is a rough outline for your massage. For your first time I recommend following it very closely. Make sure that you pay close attention to how your girl is responding to each step of this massage. If she doesn’t like something you’re doing feel free to skip that step – or maybe spend more time if she really likes it a lot!

Basic Sensual Massage Progression

1. Fold sheet/blanket down to low back, leaving her Ass and Legs covered.
2. Massage her Back and Neck.
3. Kiss her Back (just a few kisses).
4. Massage her Arms and Hands, spending extra time on her Palms and Fingers.
5. Cover her Back.
6. Uncover one Leg and Ass Cheek.
7. Massage back of Leg, slowly moving upward to her Ass.
8. Kiss her Legs and Thighs (again, just a few kisses).
9. Massage her Ass, but not inner area/ass crack (yet).
10. Kiss her Ass (make appropriate jokes).
11. Cover her Leg.
12. Repeat Steps 6 – 11 on her other leg.

After finishing both legs, if she’s already turned on (almost guaranteed), tell her you want to uncover her ass and massage it a little more. If she’s cool with it, continue to Step 13. If she says “No” don’t worry, she’s still really enjoying herself. Not every girl likes to be touched on her ass. In that case, skip to Step 18.

13. Fold the blanket/sheet up over her back, uncovering her Legs/Ass completely.
14. Add more oil (allow some to slip down her crack) and massage her Ass Cheeks.
15. Try slipping your fingers towards the inside of her Ass and/or down towards her Outer Lips.
16. DO NOT TOUCH HER PUSSY/ASSHOLE – Not even if she asks you to. Just kiss her and tell her she has to wait.
17. Cover her fully with the sheet/blanket.

18. Take a firm hold of the sheet/blanket, lift it up a few inches and then ask her to slide down and turn over. Remove the face-cradle from the table.
19. Ask her how she’s doing. If you’ve followed all the steps up to this point, she’s going to say something along the lines of “Oh my God,” “so amazing,” “wow” and/or making various happy noises.
20. Tell her she’s beautiful and kiss her.
21. Move down, take both ankles and spread her legs until they’re about two feet apart.
22. Uncover her leg up to the inner thigh – but not exposing her (yet).
23. Start massaging her foot and ask her about pressure.

Note: Every girl is different with foot massages. Some like hard, some soft and some don’t like their feet touched at all. Whatever she says, just go with it.

Intro to Sensual Massage - Part 2 - Hands-On 1

24. Massage her legs, slowly working up to her inner thigh.
25. Kiss up her legs to her thighs.
26. Slip your fingers under the sheets – near (but not touching) her pussy. Massage lightly for a few strokes. Pay attention to how she responds.
27. Re-cover her leg.
28. Repeat steps 21-27.

Breast Massage

You’re doing great so far. Now it’s time to take things to the next level.

29. Kiss her mouth and ask how she’s doing. Tell her you want to see her breasts. If you’ve followed all the earlier steps she will agree whole-heartedly.
30. Fold the sheet/blanket down until it’s just below her belly button. Take your time revealing her.
31. Compliment her breasts. Tell her exactly what you like about them (aka “They’re so firm!” “I love how they curve,” “They’re so big and beautiful,” “Sweetest little nipples,” etc).
32. While you’re praising her, take oil and pour some on her shoulders and chest. DON’T MASSAGE HER BREASTS YET, just let the oil run down her body. (Having warm oil helps here).
33. Position yourself so you’re behind her head. Massage her neck and the top of her shoulders.
34. Massage down both arms to her hands and back up.
35. Massage down BETWEEN HER BREASTS (BUT NOT TOUCHING) and onto her stomach.
36. Gently massage around her stomach, along her sides and down towards her pelvis.

Note: Although firm stomach massage is effective for digestion and promoting good bowel movements, unless you’re into German Scheisse videos you’ll want to use light pressure here.

37. Massage back up OUTSIDE HER BREASTS (BUT NOT TOUCHING) and back to her shoulders.
38. Do another pass (or two) down between her breasts and up along the outside, still not touching the main part of the breast or nipple.
39. Take a few seconds to enjoy her reactions.
40. When you’re ready, use your mouth and cover her nipple. Tongue the nipple, swirling around it a few times.
41. Repeat Step 40 on her other nipple.
42. Massage her breasts….
43. ….as well as kissing her breasts/nipples.

There are a lot of ways to massage breasts and all of them can be great. The key is to find techniques that she – and you – enjoy. Experiment. Take your time. Try using gentler and then firmer pressure. Try squeezing them. Focus on one first then the other – or both simultaneously. Use your mouth. Try biting very gently – or maybe not so gently. Move from top to bottom, side to side or in a swirling motion. Have fun!

44. After you’ve massaged her breasts, kiss her mouth and ask her how she’s doing.

Note: Somewhere around this point she will probably want to touch you, massage you or even get you naked. RESIST THE URGE! Tell her that right now it’s all about her and you want to give her as much pleasure as possible. Smile, kiss her and say “Good things come to those who wait.”

45. Remove the sheet/blanket, leaving her completely naked and exposed.
46. Compliment her body – and her. Tell her she’s stunning, amazing, gorgeous, etc. Don’t be shy. This is the time to make her feel special on the inside. Enjoy the moment. Then say “Hold that thought” and return to the massage.
47. Move so that you’re between her legs – either getting onto the table and kneeling or standing and leaning in. You can also have her lift her knees and put her feet flat on the table.
48. Having a chair for you to kneel on can be helpful as well.

Note: It may take a little work to get the angles correct but it’s worth it. You’re going to be spending several minutes here so it’s important you’re both comfortable.

49. Once you’ve found a good position, start at one of her knees and kiss your way up the inside of her leg to her pelvic bone. (You’re not massaging here, just kissing.)
50. Kiss NEAR BUT NOT TOUCHING her outer pussy lips.
51. After you’ve thoroughly kissed the area, repeat steps 49-50 on the other side.

The Main Event

Alright men, if you’ve followed all the steps, she’s now begging for you to touch her. She’s clawing at the sheets, her pussy is dripping and she can’t think straight. Get those tickets ready – the train is leaving for O-Town!

Massaging Her Inner and Outer Vagina Lips

While working on this part of her body it’s even more important to pay attention to how she’s responding. Small differences in pressure can feel significant to her. Look, listen and learn. Memorizing what your girl loves is a gift that will pay dividends for years.

Like breast massage, there are many ways of massaging her outer sex. You should experiment and see what she likes. Try running your fingers from top to bottom or from bottom to top. Swirl slowly, first clockwise then counterclockwise. Spread the outer lips with one hand and stroke inside them with your other hand. Massage gently along the lips themselves. Use gentle pressure at first and then try firmer and see if she likes it.

Massaging Her Clitoris

Inexperienced lovers believe a woman’s vagina is the female equivalent of the penis. This is NOT true! The most sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy is actually the clitoris. If you really want to get good at giving women orgasms, you’ll want to learn everything you can about your girl’s clit. If you want step-by-step techniques on how to do this, watch for my e-Book (coming soon.) For the moment, I’ll give you a few basic rules of thumb.

Clit Massage

  • How do you find her clitoris? It’s a small, fleshy button (about 4mm in diameter) at the top of her vagina lips. Spread her outer lips with two fingers and you can see it.
  • Massage the clit gently at first, then, after a minute or so, try pressing harder.
  • Try circles, back and forth, up and down, direct pressure. Experiment!
  • Different girls can have very different preferences. Never assume what worked with your last lover will work with her.
  • She may want a lot more pressure as she gets close to orgasm.

Tongue + Clit = Happy Female

  • Your Tongue is BY FAR the best massage tool for her clit (Think handjob vs blowjob. No comparison.)
  • Use the tip of tongue, flat part of tongue, licking, flicking
  • Sucking on clit (pay attention to her responses!)
  • When in doubt, talk to her. Ask if she wants more, harder, softer, keep going, etc.

Note: Massaging the clit, like intercourse, is all about finding a good rhythm. Experiment until you find a series of motions that she really likes AND DON’T CHANGE! If she’s digging it, keep going, maybe adding a little pressure as she gets closer.

The majority of women can have an orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone. Some can have orgasms from just penetration alone. But if you want the best of both worlds, do both at the same time!

Massaging Inside Her Vagina

  • While your mouth is on her clit, slip your middle finger inside (there’s a reason we use this finger to flip people off – it really does work best!)
  • Slide your finger in and out of her pussy. Once she’s used to that, add a second finger.
  • Make “come here” motion with your fingers until you’re pressing the tip of your finger against the inside of her vagina.
  • When you feel a firm, spongy surface you’ve found her g-spot. This is one of the most sensitive areas in her vagina. Watch for her reaction – it’s usually very noticeable!
  • Press and release on her g-spot, experimenting with pressure and frequency.

With continued, alternating on/off pressure against her g-spot and tongue stimulation on her clit, most girls will explode in a matter of minutes – often in seconds. Some may take a little longer but don’t worry, you’re on the right track. Just keep going and she’ll be yelling out your name very soon!

After Her Orgasm

You’ve blown her mind and she’s feeling incredible. At this point you have several options. You can offer her another (or several more) orgasms. She may feel strongly about giving YOU an orgasm. She may suggest heading to the bedroom for sex. She might even be hungry for actual food. Whatever happens, the important thing is to stay focused on her and what she wants. Let her bask in the glow of your adoration. Enjoy being the man who rocked her world. Tonight it’s about her needs, not yours. You can always have sex later. If she wants to make love with you, by all means go for it. But let her make that decision.

CAUTION: Don’t ruin the gift of sensual massage by expecting something from her in return. Gifts don’t require anything in exchange – that’s barter. Secretly assuming you’ll get sex after you give her a massage is a creepy form of sexual manipulation. A Superior Man knows that women love sex and if he takes good care of her she will be excited to pleasure him as soon as possible!


Alright, so there you go. You now have one hell of a great Valentine’s Day gift for your lady! If you have any questions, comments or success stories, please leave them in the comment section below or send them to I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, remember: Having a Superior Man in her life is one the greatest things a woman can ever experience!

Stay Superior!

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