I’m Selfish

I’m selfish. If you aren’t then you are missing your true potential. Every time you compromise, you acquiesce, you put that dream on hold, a progressively larger part of you dies. In order to live a fully actualized life, you have to live for the one who matters first.

Live for you.

You didn’t deserve what you didn’t earn, and you don’t earn something unless you work hard for it. You won’t work hard unless you make yourself a priority.

It is a loop that is self rewarding.

Maslow’s Needs

I won’t go overly into detail about Abraham Maslow but he had many great points with his “Theory of Human Motivation” paper in 1943. It is best known for the hierarchy of needs as illustrated above.

In essence Maslow states that you must accomplish the lower level to progress upward along the pyramid. Here is a breakdown of each level:

Physiological Needs:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • Clothing

Safety Needs:

  • Personal security
  • Financial security
  • Personal health


  • Friendships
  • Intimacy
  • Family


  • Self-esteem
  • Self-respect


  • The desire to accomplish everything that you can
  • Realize your own potential
  • To understand this need you must master previous needs

Ask yourself “How do I move to the highest levels in the pyramid without being selfish?”

Full stop.

Why does being selfish have such a negative connotation? What does selfish even mean?

I’d say lacking consideration for others is negative, however you must be concerned with your own personal profit or pleasure.

No one else will look out for your best interests, you will find yourself giving and giving and soon won’t have anything left to give.

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Flying On a Plane

I recently read a very interesting article on Independent that says your choice of where you sit on a plane reveals a lot about your personality. As you know from my previous article “How to travel the right way,” I travel quite often. Almost without exception I choose a window seat. I do it for a variety of reasons but mostly because I want to rest or lean against the plan and not have to worry about other people bumping into me.

“Selfish and Controlling”

That’s what they say if you pick a window seat. Some other descriptions of window seaters are:

  • They take the rare opportunity to have some control of environment
  • They’re nesters – They seal themselves off from the rest of the cabin
  • “Like to be in control, tend to take an ‘every man for themselves’ attitude towards life, and are often more easily irritable.”

That last one is my favorite.

“The Power Seat”

That’s the phrase used to define aisle seat dwellers. Some other choice definitions of aisle seaters:

  • Expression of freedom
  • The pick of introverts
  • Don’t want to feel boxed in

Given those lousy choices I’d gladly prefer selfish and controlling over the introverted control freak. The only conclusion for the middle seat rangers? Poor planners and disorganized.

Go Forth and Be Selfish

Being selfish all the time is never the answer, however it would do you some good to pay attention to your own needs and develop yourself. Re-read the section on Maslow: Aside from the very bottom levels no other person can provide you with all of your needs. We all must be selfish, at least at times, in order to thrive.

Be Selfish. Do your thing. Take care of yourself.

And Stay Superior!

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Matt is a husband, a father, an avid motorcycle rider, and an all around awesome guy.

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