How To Talk To Women – Part 2

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Welcome back to the second part of our series on becoming Sexually Magnetic! Today we’re going to dig even deeper into what to say to attract women – and what NOT to say. For those of you who are just joining us, make sure to read How to Talk to Women – Part 1 before you continue. Multiple elements in that article are foundational to understanding male/female dynamics.

Alright, let’s get started!

Talk Less, Say More, STFU

The strongest leading men don’t talk much. James Bond is direct, aggressive and straight to the point. Arnold Schwarzenegger never speaks unless he needs to. And if Clint Eastwood only got paid by each word he spoke in movies, he’d be flat broke by now.

There’s a reason these men are so famous. Each one has mastered the power of his words. They say only what needs to be said and no more. This habit is important for everyone you speak to but it’s especially valuable with women. The less you say, the more powerful your words become to her.

Don’t Complain To a Woman. Ever.

Complaining is auditory cancer. It infects and weakens both yourself and the people around you. There are multiple studies showing why you shouldn’t complain to anyone but it’s vitally important that you never do it around women.

It Makes You Look Useless

For example, if you’re on a date and you get a flat tire, don’t start talking about how pissed you are or how you’re so sorry it messed up the evening. She will appreciate you so much more if you remain quiet, keep your anger to yourself and either A) call the tow truck or AAA to come change the tire, or B) help her out of the car and then change the tire yourself.

Btw, if you can keep your sense of humor while changing a tire in front of a girl on a date, we guarantee she’s going to be at least slightly turned on.

It Puts Her In A Bad Mood

Women are incredibly sensitive to – and affected by – your emotional state. If a Superior Man is happy but his woman is upset, assuming she isn’t crazy he can put a smile back on her face with a minimum of effort. By the same token, if a regular guy comes home furious about his horrible boss and his girlfriend was having a good afternoon, her evening is almost guaranteed to get shitty.

If you can control your emotions you will greatly increase your chances of a happier woman, and consequently, a much more enjoyable relationship.

Have Something Good To Say / Lead the Conversation

The world is full of noise, chaos and stress. From the second she wakes up to the moment she falls asleep, drama is being heaped on your woman. Before you talk, consider first how you can add value. Random chattering is just more background noise to her. You have a chance to be better than the boring and stressful world. Have a purpose before initiating conversation.

How To Talk To Women - Part 2 1

One last thought: Even if you’re very creative, it may still take you a minute to find something positive and interesting to discuss. It’s perfectly okay to remain quiet while you’re thinking. And don’t forget, Thumper’s father is still right after all these years; It might be best to say nothing at all.

Listen and Learn

The skill of listening is valuable for any conversation but it’s even more important when a man is talking to a woman. When men talk, they are sharing information; when a woman talks, she’s sharing herself and her emotional state.

Master the Art of Flirting

When you flirt with a girl you’re teasing her. Pushing her buttons. Playing with her. Anytime you flirt you’re actively generating a push/pull dynamic between the two of you. She calls this “chemistry” and you better learn it because it’s gonna be on the test.

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