How Sexual Transmutation Will Change Your Life

Today’s article about sexual transmutation is by our friend Sigma. Sigma is a health consultant and spiritual teacher. For more information about Sigma and his excellent work check the links below this article.

Editor’s Note: As excellent as they are, our guest authors here at WASM may not share all the same beliefs that we do. In spite of this fact, we choose to present their thoughts on this website as raw as possible as part of our ongoing quest for education, entertainment and truth.

What is Sex Transmutation? 

I first came across this strange phrase while reading Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece Think and Grow Rich. Hill dedicated a short chapter in his classic book to the topic of Sexual Transmutation and it sounded interesting. But I’ll be honest – I didn’t really understand what he was saying at the time. 



  1. changing into another nature, substance, form, or condition
  2. the act or process of transmuting
  3. Biology: the transformation of one species into another 
  4. Alchemy: the supposed conversion of base metals into metals of greater value, especially into gold or silver

“sexual transmutation”


  1. The transmutation of sexual energy into other forms of energy

Fast forward a few years and I found myself accidentally putting Hill’s theory into practice. The results were unbelievable. 

Sexual Transmutation helped me write a 100,000 word novel in less than two months – all while I was living out of my car, strung out on drugs and on the verge of psychosis.

Here’s how it happened.

How I Accidentally Harnessed My Sexual Power 

I had known Riley since middle school. She was one of the hottest girls I knew growing up. Plus she was smart in addition to looking like a model. Okay, I know nowadays every girl is an “Instagram model” but this girl was the real deal. She was stunning. I had an honors class with her for about a week before deciding I was in over my head with the Nazi-style homework regimen and dropped out to play on the basketball team. In hindsight, I probably would have gotten more girls in the honors classes than on the jock path. Anyway, back to the story.

How Sexual Transmutation Will Change Your Life 1

Several years later in college I learned Riley was now working at a publishing company as an editor. I scrolled through her facebook pictures and realized she had become even more attractive. I KNEW I had to find a way to get into this girl’s life. Now at this point I had written several short stories and had begun brainstorming and working on the first draft of my first novel but I definitely did not consider myself a writer. But for Riley I decided I would become a writer.

I messaged Riley congratulating her on her new job. We had some BS chit chat back and forth then I asked if I could send over my short stories for her “professional” feedback and she agreed to take a look. I got a message back the next day. She said one of the short stories was good enough to be published and should be expanded into a full-on novel. She wanted to meet up for coffee and see if we could do business. Immediately my heart dropped and my cock rose.

A Hard Cock = Creative Potential

Here’s the KEY to Sexual Transmutation (ST): A hard cock + balls full of life giving semen = CREATIVE ENERGY. Now you can use this creative energy to impregnate your girlfriend’s womb or you can use it to make a million bucks. You can waste it on a box of Kleenex and a lonely night on PornHub OR you can use it to create an entire religion out of thin air as every prophet, master and guru has. 

I used Sexual Transmutation to write an entire novel – while living in my car – in a matter of weeks. 

Riley and I started meeting in coffee shops and quickly began building another universe together. We would share our personal lives for twenty minutes then it was all business. While we talked I would take in her beauty. I’d flirt with her. I’d revel in her feminine energy and play with it (ST in process). Then I would put on my headphones and bang out three thousand words for her to read and edit on her own. A few days later we would repeat the process. 

We followed this routine for almost two months and the whole time we never once had sex. In fact I never even tried. Partly that was because I was a homeless drug addict at the height of my addiction but mainly because my priority had become CREATING THIS BOOK. Hooking up with Riley had become SECONDARY to becoming a published author. 

The funny thing is this was not my initial intention. At first I wanted to get with Riley and then maybe see what would happen with the writing as a secondary concern. But as I noticed the incredible sexual energy she was awakening within me and felt its power I realized my true purpose in life was to be an author. Her inspiration lifted me above my pathetic life as a homeless drug addict fuckboy. Riley became my Muse.

But I’m not the only one who has used Sexual Transmutation to accomplish incredible things. Honestly, my achievement is just a tiny fraction of what’s possible for men when they harness the incredible power each of us carry.

Men Who Achieved Greatness By Using Sex Transmutation 

Joseph Smith and Brigham Young: These innovators created an entire religion around getting multiple wives. If that wasn’t enough, converts to their faith could also create their own customized universe in the afterlife. These were obviously POWERFUL selling points and helped generate massive interest in their new religion. Well done Brigham!

Freud and Jung – These two titans of psychology were heavily influenced by a strong sexual desire for women. Their obsession with the feminine consciousness inspired both men to dig deeper into the human psyche than anyone ever had and exploded a worldwide fascination with psychology.

  • Freud cheated on his wife Martha with her sister Minnie. There is also evidence he had sexual relations with multiple other women.  
  • Jung is known for infamous affairs with various women, including several clients. The most shocking was a long-standing ménage à trois between himself, his psychoanalyst wife and young female analyst named Toni Wolff

Pastors at the local church – Although it is considered taboo, pastors and priests bang a lot of the women in their churches. They then harness this attention and power and transmute it into creating sermons and programs to advance their flock. Sometimes they get caught sometimes they don’t. Two of my childhood pastors got caught in sex scandals, one gay and one with women. I am not saying this is necessarily a good use of ST but men who generate and harness this power will naturally have greater sexual opportunities.

Genghis Khan: Khan’s Y-chromosome has been found in more than 16 million men of the modern day population. I can think of no better candidate for the Father of Asia than The Mongolian Monster himself. His tremendous lust for women and of course blood is what drove him to conquer an entire continent without much technological weaponry. He was outnumbered significantly but made up for it in sheer willpower and Sexual Transmutation.

Jesus Christ – Jesus used the power of ST to essentially transmute His sexual drive into Love. As a man I believe Jesus understood the power of sexual energies and learned how to harness and sublimate them to create a religion that changed the world for the better…although this is now debatable as Christianity has devolved significantly since it’s founders departure from the physical realm.

Tibetan Monks – So these guys are the opposite of all the other examples, except Jesus. However they are literally using ST by going full-on Monk Mode, becoming exceptional Shaolin Warriors, meditators and teachers.

Wilt Chamberlain – Wilt claims to have slept with over 20,000 women, even though it was probably closer to 10,000. Nonetheless, he fucked a lot of women. He also happens to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. His sex drive was the primary fuel for his greatness. 

The Limitations of Sexual Transmutation

Back to Riley. Unfortunately the novel never got published due to the fact I was abusing amphetamines so badly I ended up in a psych ward on an Involuntary lockdown. This in turn inspired Riley to file a restraining order against me. 

Even though I was channeling Sexual Transmutation to write the novel, I was also out of control. As a result, I wasn’t able to bring my sexual energy to final fruition by seducing my Muse. Every river must find its outlet to the ocean, otherwise the land will flood. This is exactly what happened between Riley and I. 

Our business partnership slowly morphed into a personal and emotional relationship. We began sharing more and more stories about our personal lives. Several nights after our writing sessions we went out for drinks together. There was one night she gave me a ride home and I could have seduced her. Sadly I was too drunk and burned out from pills all day. 

If we would have had sex it could have brought the sexual energy into balance for both of us and would have helped me to regain my self control and effectively finish the project. Instead she became sexually frustrated with me and my erratic addict behavior, the project imploded on itself, our relationship disintegrated and I ended up in a psych ward. 

Sexual Transmutation works best when brought into BALANCE with the power of LOVE. Loving a woman with your sexual energies will help calm it down while simultaneously focusing it on a goal or project. If LOVE is not part of the equation it is much easier for the ST process to become overwhelming and overpower its user, either in running after too many sexual partners (spread too thinly) or self implosion (not everyone is a Tibetan Monk).

The Essence of Sexual Transmutation

I believe that Sexual Transmutation is the process of taking lust and turning into a higher power. Taking your lower animalistic nature and pushing it upwards to the heavenly states of Consciousness. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within” is, of course, referring to ST. You can create your own Kingdom of LOVE –  Love for a greater purpose in life, love for another human being or Love for “God”. Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and ALL else will be given to you. Transmute your energies to Love first and your lower desires will be provided for. 

Translation: FOCUS on your PURPOSE and your sexual desires will naturally fall into place.

There is NOTHING more attractive than the man who has found his GOD GIVEN INNATE purpose and is pursuing it RELENTLESSLY with FOCUS, DRIVE and PASSION. How strongly a man pursues his PURPOSE is a good indicator of how he will be in bed and women are unconsciously aware of this. It is in their DNA to breed with men who are on their purpose.

When I first met Riley I had little to no chance of hooking up with her. By the time I had finished the novel, after I had manifested another world out of my imagination, she would have been happy to have sex with me. As difficult as it was at the time, that experience showed me I had serious addiction issues stemming from my abusive childhood and spiritual confusion. It was a critical experience that forced me into submission and admit I needed help. Even better, during my time with Riley I was able to find my life purpose – something infinitely more valuable than banging a supermodel.  

How to Enhance Your Sexual Energy 

Are you ready to start using Sexual Transmutation in your life? Then it’s critical to make sure you have enough sexual energy and testosterone. Without high T levels you will be stuck in the mud during the ST process. You would be hard pressed to transmute something you don’t have! 

The biggest indicator of low testosterone is if you have little or no interest in sex. No surprise there. If you are a man, even in your 80’s, you should have a strong desire to copulate with females. If you do not you likely either have a physical health issue, something traumatic that happened as a child like sexual abuse or you have some subconscious conditioning that you need to deprogram yourself from such as religion or culture. The good news is that my health consulting programs will give you all the tools to overcome these potential roadblocks to accessing your innate God Given sexual energy. Here are some free tips for those of you who are unable to work one on one with me.

  1. Get on your PURPOSE ASAP – Why the fuck are you even breathing if you are not on your Mission? Earn your oxygen intake. Your time in the physical realm is limited. WAKE UP!
  2. Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Stack – Tongkat will make you into a Tom Cat. TKA has been shown to increase Leydig Cell production, semen production and testosterone levels. Many men notice a thicker cock and fuller balls at or before the 2 month mark of consistent usage, especially when combined with Ginseng.
  3. Find a Muse – Lindsey was my muse. What woman in your life could inspire you to greatness?
  4. Detox Your Physical Body – I have lots of proprietary methods to detox the body of micro plastics, heavy metals and synthetic estrogens, all of which interfere  HEAVILY with hormone production.
  5. No FAP – Or at the very least cut down on fapping and drop porn.
  6. Remove Unconscious Blocks – Regain power over your sexual faculties. Check my YouTube channel for free LIVE classes.
  7. Find a Tantric Healer – This one can be fun and healing.
  8. Fasting – Start with one day a week and then try two. It will reset your hormones and detox your cells.
  9. Try Psychedelics – Sure they are not for everyone but are they for YOU? These sacred ancient plants can give you a glimpse into the higher levels of consciousness. You will realize you are the creator of your own experience of “reality” – with the goal being to elevate to these higher states without the use of external substances. Please use responsibly and do your own independent research before diving in.
  10. Surat Shabda Yoga – The Sanskrit translation is Yoga of the Soul and Union with God. I have practiced some form of Surat Shabda Yoga for the last five years. Changed my life.
  11. Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol – No more than two drinks per week. If you are unable to do this, you are probably an alcoholic.
  12. Address Sleep and Insomnia Issues – When I was younger I had a very low sex drive, could not get fully hard and could not come from sex. I later found out I had Sleep Apnea. This condition affects blood flow to your cock and of course hormone production. The first night I slept with the CPAP machine I woke up with a PLEASANT surprise.
  13. Heal Your Adrenal Glands – Adrenals regulate sex hormone production. Cortisol the stress hormone is testosterones greatest antagonist. I have worked with many clients to overcome this issue.
  14. Prayer, Meditation and Pranayama Breath Control – Spirituality is the answer to most problems. Breathing is also the answer to most problems in life (My YouTube Link to Pranayam Breath)
  15. Spend Time ALONE – Stop dating and/or drop your current relationship and get some alone time. Like a LOT of alone time. If this sounds scary, PERFECT. This means you definitely need to figure out what your mission is. Sit in a dark closet with all the lights off by yourself and don’t open the door until you know what your purpose is.

Seek First The Kingdom and All Else Will Be Given 

When you put your purpose first you draw more of God’s life force into your body. The more life force contained in a man’s body, the more sexually attractive he is to women (fulfilling his sexual needs) and the more respected he will be by other men (fulfilling his financial and social needs through business and networking.) 

This is how putting The Kingdom first brings your life into order. Everything falls in line behind purpose. If you put women or sex or even money on the pedestal you commit treason within your own Kingdom and anarchy commences in your life. Most men can agree on choosing purpose over women HOWEVER I find a lot of men settling for money over their true innate purpose. Not good.

To summarize, there are two primary ways to tap into Sexual Transmutation. The first is through Monk Mode, which is abstaining from sex entirely while cycling the energy within and channeling it towards a goal. The second and more common one is to channel your sexual energy towards a goal and creating an association between completing a goal and obtaining sex. 

In both these two methods it is CRITICAL you put your PURPOSE FIRST and the rest of your life will magically fall into order behind that upward pull to The Kingdom of Heaven you are creating within your very own Mind.

Neville Goddard an American Mystic taught that God is in the Imagination. When we use our imaginative powers to access what our PURPOSE is as men, we actually tap into the LOVE and power of God. And at the end of the day what else really matters besides that?

If you’d like to dig deeper into this subject, make sure to check out Sigma’s Sexual Transmutation Video Podcast. It guest stars Jathan so it’s obviously excellent.

To contact Sigma for one-on-one health consulting, email him at He has over a hundred instructional videos as well as regular live workshops on his popular YouTube Channel. You can also follow him on Instagram at Elite Health Consulting.

Stay Superior!

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Sigma is a massage therapist, holistic health advocate, podcaster, writer and stand-up comic. He's passionate about helping men improve their sex lives and their spiritual evolution. You can reach him at

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