Crazy/Hot Women: 15 Signs Your Beauty Is A Beast


Reading Time: 10 minutes Recently I went on a date with a smokin’ Italian girl. Picture this: She has big brown eyes, a low-cut shirt and a tight little body. We’re flirting like crazy and she can’t keep her hands off me. I lead her outside the bar and we start making out pretty good. Suddenly my lip starts …

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The Second Date: Sexual Escalation

Sexual Escalation

Reading Time: 11 minutes Success! You just finished your first date and it went great. She was adorable, you were hilarious and by the end of coffee you were both flirting pretty heavily. Nice work man. Now it’s time for round two. In today’s article we’re going to cover how to create a fun, sexy experience where you’ll escalate …

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I Got a Divorce – Where Do I Go From Here?


Reading Time: 5 minutes So you’ve reached the end. You improved your life in part one and you filed for divorce in part two. Now you have that paper with the judge’s signature on it and you are “finally” rid of her…. Or are you? The goal should always be to eliminate ANY and ALL unnecessary contact with the other …

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