Ten Secrets To Increase Your Energy – Part 2


Reading Time: 8 minutes Welcome back to Part 2 of our series on how to elevate your vitality to the next level! Last week we talked about five easy energy-boosting practices that are guaranteed to give you a lift. This week we’re going to ramp up the difficulty. The ideas we talk about today are going to take more time …

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Ten Secrets To Increase Your Energy


Reading Time: 6 minutes How is your energy level these days? Are you feeling tired, run down or maybe just plain old? Is difficult to get through your day without reaching for a cup of coffee – or a Rockstar – or something even more potent? Not to worry! We’re here to help. Read on for a list of …

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Killer Complaints: The Surprising Dangers of Whining


Reading Time: 4 minutes January 16, 2018 “I hate myself. Every little thing. I don’t know of one thing that I don’t hate about myself. I’m ugly. I’m too big. I’m too short. I’m a loser. Everything I do is wrong. I’m not even okay at home. Nothing I do is right and will ever be right. I don’t …

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Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions


Reading Time: 4 minutes “I swear I will lose weight this year” “I want to travel more in 2019” “I’d love to have a girlfriend this year” “2019 is going to be full of hot sex” “This year I’m finally going to get my finances in order” “2019 is the year I get in shape.” What do these common …

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I’m Selfish


Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m selfish. If you aren’t then you are missing your true potential. Every time you compromise, you acquiesce, you put that dream on hold, a progressively larger part of you dies. In order to live a fully actualized life, you have to live for the one who matters first. Live for you. You didn’t deserve …

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