Leveling Up

  • throwing in the towel

    Throwing In the Towel

    Each of us has goals, plans and dreams, but as we prepare ourselves for this new year and new decade I have one question to ask you: Have you considered that giving up might be your best option?

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  • focus on the process

    Forget the Outcome – Lose Yourself to the Process

    As men we need results, but the problem is that it's easy to get so attached to an outcome that we lose focus on the magical process of doing the work.

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  • How to Negotiate

    How to Negotiate

    I’d like to discuss the importance of good negotiation and how you can improve every aspect of your life using a few of these principals. These are skills that are required to succeed in life. Just keep in mind that all of this takes practice, start small and work on…

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  • 10 Books Every Man Must Read 1

    10 Books Every Man Must Read

    Here at wearesuperiormen.com, we are major book fans. While not a completely avid reader I try to read or listen to 2-3 books a month. While we have many books listed on our Great Books page, I thought I would condense it down to the top 10 books every man…

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  • What I Learned Running My First Marathon 2

    What I Learned Running My First Marathon

    This last week Jay ran the 2019 San Diego Rock ‘N Roll Marathon. It was an amazing experience that taught him five valuable lessons. No matter what your goal is, if you're ready for the next level his insights can help you finish your race.

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