Best Mens Podcasts of 2019

Podcasts are the best media of our time. Whether you want to find self-help topics, be entertained, find great comedy, or a good murder mystery, podcasts are the way to go. Starting as a niche industry with seemingly limitless conspiracy theorists, podcasting has evolved into the mainstream in the past decade. More than half of the United States population now listens to podcasts, with 80% listening to all or most of the episodes.

If you haven’t listened to a podcast, or if you are an expert, the easiest way is through iTunes or using Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

Below is a list of the Best Men’s Podcasts of 2019

Joe Rogan Podcast

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019 1

Host: Joe Rogan

Released every: Weekday

Style: Comedy / Celebrity guests

Length: Long – 2-4 hours

Why you should listen: Joe has some of the best guests and gets them to talk about just about everything (Remember the Elon Musk episode?) Joe is very entertaining and it’s no wonder why his show is one of the most downloaded in the world.

Listen here:

Adam Carolla Show

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019 2

Host: Adam Carolla, Gina Grad, Bald Bryan

Released every: Weekday

Style: Comedy / Celebrity guests

Length: 2 hours

Why you should listen: Adam just about invented podcasting and certainly brought it into the mainstream. The ACS just celebrated its 10 year anniversary and has been kicking ass the whole time.

Listen here:

Reasonable Doubt

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019 3

Host: Adam Carolla, Mark Geragos

Released every: Saturday

Style: Legal

Length:1 hour

Why you should listen: Mark and Adam tackle legal issues from cases around the US and both interject humor into the situations. They both have a great way of explaining complex legal situations in ways that everyone can grasp.

Listen here:

The Tim Ferriss Show

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019 4

Host: Tim Ferriss

Released every: Week

Style: Interview / Life Hacking

Length:1-3 hours

Why you should listen: Tim questions everything and puts his body on the line to test. This best selling author seeks out experts in just about every field and picks their brains to find out what works and why.

Listen here:

Dark Secret Place

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019 5

Host: Bryan Suits

Released every: Saturday Night

Style: Radio Show

Length: 1-3 hours

Why you should listen: Bryan is a military vet and explains how the world is melting down every week. This is the only non podcast on my list, however you can download it without any commercials from iHeartRadio as a podcast. He explains all things war and military and history with a tremendous amount of humorous sarcasm.

Listen here:

Fitness Confidential

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019 6

Host: Vinnie Tortorich

Released: 5 shows a week

Style: Fitness / interviews

Length: 20-90 mins

Why you should listen: Vinnie is a best selling author and the inventor of the NSNG diet (No Sugar No Grain). He gives no BS advice on health and nutrition all while being very fun to listen to. He has a different format for each day of the week so you are bound to find at least one you enjoy.

Listen here:

Armchair Expert

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019 7

Host: Dax Shepard

Released: Twice a week

Style: Comedy / Interview

Length: 2 hours

Why you should listen: Dax shoots from the hip on this one, using no facts, figures or research he dives right in and answers the tough questions. Oh and he has some amazing A-list celebrities as guests.

Listen here:

Bill Burr Podcast

Best Mens Podcasts of 2019 8

Host: Bill Burr

Released every: Monday and Thursday

Style: Comedy / Rants

Length: 1-2 hours

Why you should listen: Bill wanders around his house ranting about whatever is on his mind. I find his show extremely entertaining and funny and occasionally thought provoking.

Listen here:

Superior Men Podcast


Host: Matt and Jay

Released: Every Other Tuesday

Style: Rant / Comedy / Men’s Issues

Length: 1-2 hours

Why you should listen: Matt and Jay talk about subjects interesting to men. They talk about their experiences, successes, and failures. No topic is off-limits!

Listen here:

Enjoy the podcasts and happy listening!!!

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

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