Becoming a Superior Man

Becoming a Superior Man – Intro to Series

Over the next 12 weeks I will be releasing a series titled “Becoming a Superior Man”.  The series will cover the 12 tenets of a Superior man, and will give direction and purpose on being a well-rounded man. These 12 items are critical to being a Superior Man and provide a goal to aim for.

Some of us were very blessed to have a strong father and/or other male role models during our transformative years, however many of us were not. The posts in the weeks to come will either echo the good advice you had while growing up, or provide it to you for the first time. Either way you will have a chance to reflect on positive changes you can make in your life. We all benefit from having strong advice from Superior men.

Strong male role models. We have all heard this phrase before. Unfortunately many of these male role models are not Superior Men, merely grown up boys. The advice that comes from these “man children” may have nuggets of good information but like digested corn, these nuggets are surrounded by a pile of shit.

I will boil down lessons on many topics, collect advice from other superior men and distill it down to its usable and applicable form. The whole reason this website exists is right at the top of every page…”Growth through shared knowledge”. We must learn from other great men so what we ourselves can make the transformation into Superior Men. The series will cover the following 12 areas:

This is an exciting opportunity and a challenge/goal that I have set out to complete. I hope you will enjoy reading these articles and much as I have enjoyed writing them for you.

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