Baby It’s Cold Outside

Just a brief musing about the Christmas song most hated by feminists, SJW’s, and #METOO. If you google “baby it’s cold outside” you’ll see the interwebs full of hand-wringing and claims of misogyny. But what’s the deal with this song? Is it really that bad? In this #METOO era, it seems that everything is fair game. If you are interested, check out our article on Toxic Femininity here.

Here’s the link to the song in YouTube

Baby It’s Cold Outside

(Male voice in parentheses)

“I really can't stay (Baby it's cold outside)

I gotta go away (Baby it's cold outside)

This evening has been (Been hoping that you'd dropped in)

So very nice (I'll hold your hands they're just like ice)

My mother will start to worry (Beautiful what's your hurry?)

My father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the fireplace roar)

So really I'd better scurry (Beautiful please don't hurry)

Well maybe just a half a drink more (I'll put some records on while I pour)”

This exhibits the man pursuing his interest. He is showing interest and trying to break down any possible excuse she throws at him. This is called courting people!

“The neighbors might think (baby, it's bad out there)

Say what's in this drink? (no cabs to be had out there)

I wish I knew how (your eyes are like starlight now)

To break this spell (I'll take your hat, your hair looks swell)

I ought to say, no, no, no sir (mind if I move in closer?)

At least I'm gonna say that I tried (what's the sense in hurtin' my pride?)

I really can't stay (oh baby don't hold out)

But baby, it's cold outside”

He continues to playfully push her and she is playfully resisting. He is demonstrating his desire for her and she is determining how serious he is about her.

“I simply must go (but baby, it's cold outside)

The answer is no (but baby, it's cold outside)

Your welcome has been(how lucky that you dropped in)

So nice and warm (look out the window at this dawn)

My sister will be suspicious (gosh your lips look delicious)

My brother will be there at the door (waves upon the tropical shore)

My maiden Aunt's mind is vicious (gosh your lips are delicious)

But maybe just a cigarette more (never such a blizzard before)”

She does not want to just jump in bed with him and be looked down on by her family. I know this is hard to believe but there was a time when women were choosy with who they slept with. Even more shocking, many people waited until marriage for sex!

“I've gotta get home (but baby, you'd freeze out there)

Say lend me a coat (it's up to your knees out there)

You've really been grand (I thrill when you touch my hand)

But don't you see? (how can you do this thing to me?)

There's bound to be talk tomorrow (think of my lifelong sorrow)

At least there will be plenty implied (if you got pneumonia and died)

I really can't stay (get over that hold out)

Baby, it's cold outside”

This whole song shows how much he desires her and how she is trying to hold out for fear of how it might appear, NOT because she doesn’t want to. This song is not about trying to force her into anything. The #METOO people have it all wrong here. For male female dynamics to work you need a pursuer and the desired. This song simply sums up, without any preconceptions, male and female attraction.

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