Matt is a husband, a father, an avid motorcycle rider, and an all around awesome guy.
  • Jul- 2017 -
    3 July
    Leveling Up Photo of Eye Contact

    Eye Contact

    I just read a fascinating article about how powerful eye contact is and how much it says about your mood and confidence levels. Take a moment and think about a very confident person at work, someone who everyone gets along with. How do they look at you? You may have…

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  • May- 2017 -
    14 May
    Body Hacking Photo of High Fat, Low Carb eating, Part 1 – The Carb

    High Fat, Low Carb eating, Part 1 – The Carb

    I’ve decided to write a little bit on nutrition and how our bodies take in the garbage we feed it. I’ll devote one section to each macronutrient and then bring it all together at the end. First I want to explain that all of the information below is based on…

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  • Apr- 2017 -
    13 April
    Body Hacking Photo of Matt’s Workout and Diet Plan

    Matt’s Workout and Diet Plan

    I have talked with a couple of you on and off and told you what I’m doing as far as losing weight and working out, however I really haven’t gotten into much detail so I’ll do that now. Before I go any further detail about my workout and diet, I…

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  • 6 April
    Inspiration Photo of The Bug on the Wall

    The Bug on the Wall

    A few months ago I noticed a mosquito hawk on the wall, near the ceiling of my downstairs bathroom, just sitting there. I don’t mind them at all so I figured I’d let him be, after all he’ll just take off and kill and eat some bugs in the house…

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  • Mar- 2017 -
    23 March
    Inspiration Photo of Choosing a Goal

    Choosing a Goal

    My goal is to lose weight. My goal is to eat better. My goal is to get stronger. My goal is to have more sex with my wife. What do all of those have in common? Yep, very weak goals. Easy to say you did it or walk away without…

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