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What is a Superior Man?

I am a Superior Man, and I am committed to living by three fundamental principles: Excellence, Integrity and Service.

Excellence is the standard to which I hold myself. I always strive for greatness in all my pursuits. I disdain mediocrity . I despise laziness. As a Superior Man, I put my all into any job or project, I apply myself fully so that when the task is complete I beam with pride…


Integrity is the bedrock of my contracts, both with myself and the people I choose to spend my valuable time with. When a Superior Man makes a promise, I always follow through. My word is gold. This starts with the promises I make to myself and extends outward to everyone in my life. I always live in alignment with my own values. I do not compromise on the things that matter to me, no matter how painful it may be to do so. I eliminate any activity, habit, job or even relationship that comes between me and my ability to live in peace with myself.

A life of Service is the highest aim of the Superior Man. My service begins with myself. I treats my body, mind and spirit with love and respect. When I am healthy and strong, I expand that service outwards, starting with my wife and then to my children, my work relationships, my extended family,  and my community. A Superior Man’s concept of Service is deeply rooted in gratitude for the blessings I have received in my life. Accordingly, I spend my time enjoying these gifts and sharing them with others.

A Superior Man is committed to Excellence, Integrity and Service. I am dedicated to the ongoing, painful work of analyzing my life and improving it. That work is the lifeblood of the Superior Man. My dedication and hard work is what sets me apart from all other guys and ultimately makes me – and the world – the best it can be.

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