5 Big Lies of Toxic Femininity

Toxic Femininity

Ever heard of this term? No? You probably know it by its other name.


Feminism has done more in the last 40 years to oppress women than “the patriarchy”, the white male overlords, have ever done. The underlying theme to feminist thinking is that they should be more like men, while simultaneously hating men. That is the definition of dichotic thinking, holding two opposing beliefs simultaneously.

Let’s have a talk about some of the ways Toxic Femininity hurts men, male-female relationships, and most of all women.

Lie #1: Women = Men

The single biggest lie that Toxic Feminity purports is that Women equal Men. Women and men are interchangeable. They have moved past the rational position that men and women are equal to each other, and are on to something much more dangerous. You’ve all heard the saying, “anything a man can do a woman can do better”, sort of the feminist take on the quote from “Annie Get Your Gun”, “anything you can do, I can do better”. This is so terribly wrong it’s hard to disagree strongly enough.

I’ll put it this way, Women≠Men, and that is amazing, desirable.

It not only is amazing that men and women aren’t the same, but it’s also been culturally desirable since humans have been on this planet. If you are an evolutionist, then you believe men and women evolved differently to fulfill the roles needed for survival. If you are a creationist, then you believe the creator made men and women different to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Either way, men and women are different and that is a wonderful thing.

Lie #2: You Can Be a Happy Mother AND a CEO

I hate to break this to you feminists, but here is a secret men have known for a long time: You cannot be successful at two simultaneous things that draw a lot of your time. This is why 40% of female physicians between the ages of 35-44 work part-time. In a recent study, CEO’s work an average of 10-11 hours per day plus 6-8 hours on the weekends. Additionally, they have commitments outside of work hours including, commuting, dinner functions, travel, meeting with politicians, etc. As the figurehead of a company, EVERYTHING they do is scrutinized and can have a ripple effect for every employee.  

All told, CEO’s, or really any C-Level position demands much of their time. Many C-Level execs do not often spend much time with their family, be it spouse or children. They require either a dedicated spouse to raise the children, or as is often the case, hired au-pairs or live-in nannies. These positions don’t allow for flexibility with work-home life, as it always works first, then maybe time for other things. Here is the truth, you cannot have a high time demand career and also spend a high amount of time at home with the children.

You have to choose.

5 Big Lies of Toxic Femininity 5

If you are a man, you have to choose. If you are a woman, you have to choose. If you are some sort of asexual eunuch, you still have to choose. Time is a very finite resource, historically, men have chosen to love their family by being away from the family and supporting them financially. Also historically, women have chosen to love their family by giving their time supporting their family in person. The great thing is that now neither men nor women have a predestined path, you are free to choose.

Lie #3: Women Make 70% of What Men Earn

This is complete and utter garbage. The reason this myth still exists is that the typical American doesn’t understand how to compare two items. Look at the apple and orange comparison. Or compare chocolate cake and a warm blanket, which is better depends on your point of view and what scale you are using to compare them with. I completely debunk this myth in the article “The Gender Pay Gap Lie”.

The TLDR; version: Differences in pay are due to choices including education (degree obtained), children, where you live, and where you work to name a few. Go ahead and read the article, I’ll wait.

Are you back? Let move on to the next lie.

Lie #4: Gender Is a Social Construct

Ugh, this is just calling the sky brown and the ocean purple. There are two genders folks. Male and Female. Absent a chromosomal abnormality, you are either male or female. If you want to read a funny/disturbing list of the 112 genders Tumblr has, check out this “dude asks” article. My favorites are Commogender and Proxvir, real terms, I’m not shitting you. Good Lord.

No matter how you dress, decide to go by some fucked up pronoun like zim, or get a gender reassignment surgery, you are still genetically, either male or female. No matter how you dress up the pig, it’s still a pig. Toxic Femininity would tell you if that pig identifies as a cow, then you call that pig a cow.

Last but not least, it’s the final lie…

Lie #5: Male Privilege

Ahh, it is so great to be male, we get to do whatever we want, whenever we want including:

  • 97% of combat deaths
  • 76% of homicide victims
  • 80% of suicides
  • 61% of the homeless population

But men make up for it by

  • 16% getting custody of children in court

Here is another secret for you, if you want to find a reason to be a victim, you don’t have to look very far. But to get ahead in life you must put your victim mentality behind you and push through. Here you can witness the victim in her natural habitat, social media.

5 Big Lies of Toxic Femininity 6
Toxic Femininity

Bonus Lie: The Patriarchy

Since the majority of the western world has shifted from being religious to atheist, there has been a need to believe in something, yet another lie of Toxic Femininity.

5 Big Lies of Toxic Femininity 7

Why not, instead of believing in an invisible, ever-present God, believe in an invisible ever-present Patriarchy? This means you get to play your victim card all the time! Ermahgerd! It’s amazing because nothing ever is my fault!

The idea that there is some sort of overseeing group of men, telling the rest of men how to act in order to bring women down, and keep them down is absurd. A few years ago those people were locked up in looney bins.


Gender equality is just that, the equal standing of both genders. ANYTHING that ignores biology and favors one gender over another is inherently wrong. There are countless examples, the key is to open your eyes, think for yourself, and stand up for what is right. Feminists do not have women’s best interests in mind, they have an agenda in mind. If you are against their agenda, then you are the “enemy”. Ignore Toxic Femininity.

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5 Big Lies of Toxic Femininity 8

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