Schedule Every Minute


Reading Time: 6 minutes I was reminded of effective scheduling while listening to the audiobook by David Goggins called Can’t Hurt Me. I highly recommend the audiobook over the physical book (I own both) because at the end of each chapter it’s more of a podcast with questions and answers. But one section he talked about setting your life …

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Metal Motivation – Slipknot – All Out Life


Reading Time: 2 minutes This one is a suggestion from a friend, and I could not agree more. Slipknot has relentless aggression in their music, you can’t help but bang your head listening to All Out Life. Plus the lyrics are right on point! “I will not celebrate mediocrityI will not worship empty shellsI will not listen to worthless …

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Metal Motivation – Opeth – Ghost of Perdition


Reading Time: 1 minute Don’t be fooled by the gentle intro – This song hits like a sledgehammer. Opeth mixes amazing musicianship, beautiful melodies with clean and aggressive vocals. If you are new to Opeth prepare to be amazed with this journey. Lyrics: Ghost of MotherLingering deathGhost on Mother’s bedBlack strands on the pillowContour of her healthTwisted face upon …

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