Your Invitation To Suffer


Reading Time: 6 minutes We are staggering up the side of a mountain at 8,000 feet elevation. My lungs aren’t working right. Something is broken inside. Every breath feels like I’m making it through a straw. I don’t know it yet but I already have the beginnings of elevation sickness. I’m supposed to be climbing but I can barely make …

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Metal Motivation – Pantera – “Walk”


Reading Time: 1 minute Pantera’s anthem on being an individual is every bit as powerful today as when it was released in 1991. If someone doesn’t respect you it’s time for you to part ways. Hold your head high, look them in the eyes and tell them to walk on home. “Walk” Can’t you seeI’m easilyBothered by persistenceOne step …

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Reading Time: 5 minutes Previous Installment – Men of Action Being a Superior Man means contributing to and being a part of your community. Many conversations can be made concerning what exactly makes up your community. For this article I mean your friends/family and neighborhood. Any man can withdraw and isolate himself and his family, however a superior man …

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Metal Motivation – Metallica – “Wherever I May Roam”


Reading Time: 1 minute “Wherever I May Roam” is all about taking control of your environment, no matter where you are or what is happening around you. Listen, remember and inhabit that powerful force you know is deep inside you! “Wherever I May Roam” …and the road becomes my brideI am stripped of all but prideSo in her I …

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Supercharge Your Productivity – Part 2


Reading Time: 4 minutes Welcome back to Part II of our series on concentration and focus. Last time we covered a series of important tools to greatly increase your productivity so if you haven’t read that article we recommend starting there first. Today we’re going to talk about ways to boost your concentration and effectiveness even further. Read on …

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