Integrity, The Missing Piece


Reading Time: 3 minutes Previous Installment – Confidence Do what you say, say what you mean. Do what’s right, especially when no one is looking. Simple concept, difficult execution. All too often when a situation presents itself where you must choose between personal gain and compromising your beliefs, the wrong choice is made. This subtle and persistent erosion of …

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The Benefits of Pornography


Reading Time: 6 minutes Ahhh porn. Man’s original guilty pleasure. Pick any point in history and you will find some kind of pornography. Pictures. Sculptures. Drawings. Movies. Games. If there’s one thing in life that is always true it’s that men will find some way to look at naked women being sexy. But access to those tempting images hasn’t …

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Metal Motivation – A Perfect Circle – “The Doomed”


Reading Time: 1 minute Off the upcoming album by A Perfect Circle, The Doomed rocks!! Behold a new ChristBehold the same old hordeGather at the alteringNew beginning, new wordAnd the word was deathAnd the word was without lightThe new beatitude:“Good luck, you’re on your own” Blessed are the fornicatesMay we bend down to be their whoresBlessed are the richMay …

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