How To Supercharge Your Productivity


Reading Time: 5 minutes The modern world has so many distractions it seems like everyone has ADD. Multi-tasking is all but a requirement. Talking to someone while typing on your smartphone is totally normal. Ipads and Smart TVs are everywhere. Headphones are regular fashion accessories. If you consider the amount of email, texting, social media browsing, web surfing, phone …

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How The F Do I Quit Procrastinating?


Reading Time: 5 minutes Procrastination The word conjures instant images. A red-eyed student at 4am in the morning typing furiously at his laptop, his desk covered in a pile of coffee cups. A man sleeping in a hammock while his yard is overrun with weeds, rusted car parts and forgotten tools. A woman squeezing her way through a house …

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Debt Sucks


Reading Time: 5 minutes Previous Installment – Integrity, The Missing Piece The word debt conjures many emotions, mostly bad ones. This is rightfully so. To be “in debt” to someone or something implies servitude or owing something. Debt is most often applied to finances, since money makes the exact quantification of what you owe so much easier. Owing money …

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