Metal Motivation – Soundgarden – “Spoonman”


Reading Time: 1 minute For the new year it’s only right to pay tribute to one of the best songwriters of his generation. This one shows off Chris Cornell’s sense of humor and kicks groovy ass along the way. OhMmmm (Steal the rhythm while you can)SpoonmanSpeak the rhythm on your own(Speak the rhythm all alone) spoonman Spoonman, come together …

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Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions


Reading Time: 4 minutes “I swear I will lose weight this year” “I want to travel more in 2019” “I’d love to have a girlfriend this year” “2019 is going to be full of hot sex” “This year I’m finally going to get my finances in order” “2019 is the year I get in shape.” What do these common …

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Becoming a Superior Man – Intro to Series


Reading Time: 2 minutes Over the next 12 weeks I will be releasing a series titled “Becoming a Superior Man”.  The series will cover the 12 tenets of a Superior man, and will give direction and purpose on being a well-rounded man. These 12 items are critical to being a Superior Man and provide a goal to aim for. …

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Stronglifts 5×5 – aka Strength Training for Uber Noobs


Reading Time: 5 minutes I have a secret I need to get off my chest. Alright, this is a men’s blog and men are supposed to be alpha jocks who own a room just by their sheer presence. If you’re on this site you’re here because you want to be more awesome. I sure as hell know that’s why …

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I’m Selfish


Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m selfish. If you aren’t then you are missing your true potential. Every time you compromise, you acquiesce, you put that dream on hold, a progressively larger part of you dies. In order to live a fully actualized life, you have to live for the one who matters first. Live for you. You didn’t deserve …

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