Why is Curiosity Important?


Reading Time: 5 minutes Previous Installment – What Is Your Purpose? “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein Men are inherently curious animals. Since the beginning of human history we explore new lands, the seas, and the heavens. Humans constantly ask why and seek to find answers to the mysteries we see. In …

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Improve Your Life In 3 Seconds


Reading Time: 2 minutes Here’s a challenge: Can you think of an activity that will make you happier, healthier and more attractive? Working out seems like an obvious answer. Hitting the gym boosts endorphins, increases your immune system and makes you hotter. Charity work is surprisingly beneficial for the body, so that might be a good choice. A case could …

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Metal Motivation – Five Finger Death Punch – “The Way of the Fist”


Reading Time: 1 minute My current favorite song. Five Finger Death Punch tears up your doubts and sets them on fire. Go get it today men!! Break this shit down!Zoltan, open the sky! You want it, you got itEverything you needed and moreYou said it, I heard itCareful what you wish forDeleted, defeated everything you’ve ever beenNo mercy, it’s …

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Killer Complaints: The Surprising Dangers of Whining


Reading Time: 4 minutes January 16, 2018 “I hate myself. Every little thing. I don’t know of one thing that I don’t hate about myself. I’m ugly. I’m too big. I’m too short. I’m a loser. Everything I do is wrong. I’m not even okay at home. Nothing I do is right and will ever be right. I don’t …

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