Metal Motivation – Hellyeah – Be Unden!able


Reading Time: 2 minutes This track came on while I was doing my deadlift today. I’ve listened to it many times before but never really heard it. “Be Unden!able” Be undeniableBe undeniable Nobody else can do like hellion can do it,I make it a point to exclaim and I’m here to prove it,Straight out of a gutter broken poor and …

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Choosing a Goal


Reading Time: 3 minutes My goal is to lose weight. My goal is to eat better. My goal is to get stronger. My goal is to have more sex with my wife. What do all of those have in common? Yep, very weak goals. Easy to say you did it or walk away without losing face. When I sent …

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Setting Up a Home Gym


Reading Time: 4 minutes About 2 years ago I decided that I wanted to get stronger, build muscle and stop being fat. After much research It looked like weight training was the place to start and make the most gain. So at first I started looking at the big box gyms, 24-hour fitness, LA fitness etc. and they was …

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