12 Reasons To Date An Older Woman

Today’s article about process is by our friend Sigma. Sigma is a health consultant and spiritual teacher. For more information about Sigma and his excellent work check the links below this article.

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I’m 27 and recently I dated a woman 11 years my senior. After telling Jathan multiple stories about how great she was he asked me if I would write down my experiences. Since I like writing (and it’s cheaper than therapy) I decided to make a list of some of the things I learned. Here’s why I would recommend dating an older woman.

1. She Is Not a Millennial

Millennials are the worst and its not even their fault. We are largely the reflection of the generation’s repressed dysfunctions before us. Yes the number one reason to date an older woman is that she is outside of the Millennial box of overall shittiness. I can say this with confidence because I am a Millennial.

Sad but true, the Millennial generation in a lot of ways is deeply messed up when it comes to human connection and relationships. Old gender roles and relationship infrastructure are being demolished in the hopes of a better system one day… but for now it kinda sucks. We are the most advanced, intellectual and book smart generation there has ever been (and possibly ever will be if Humans destroy themselves soon). These advancements have arguably come at the expense of some of our most basic Human traits such as connection and communication skills. Millennial women (and men) in their 20’s are generally not the best conversationalists and even if they were they wouldn’t exactly have a lot to talk about since most of their time is spent taking selfies to post on Tinder and Instagram. “What’s the last book you read?” “Oh… I don’t read.”

2. She Will Teach You To Make Love Rather Than Just Fucking

Animalistic porn ground and pound will only take you so far. Eventually you’ll realize that maybe there is more to life than surrendering to your Unconscious Biological Imperative and having as many orgasms as possible. It’s so much more valuable to learn how to harness your Kundalini sexual energy and transmute it (See Napoleon Hill’s theory of sexual transmutation in “Think and Grow Rich”) into something more evolved such as an artistic goal or even a more evolved emotional experience such as the ever elusive transcendental thing we commonly refer to as “love.”

My older woman taught me to slow down, touch, breathe, enjoy the overall sensual experience and connect rather than rush to the (admittedly good) end part. Or as Miley Cyrus sang: “It’s about the climb!” or something stupid like that. Tantra, Karezza, Kundalini, sensual massage and synchronistic breath control are all things that a mature woman will be more likely to want to experience. Younger girls typically get most of their sex education from PornHub and Tinder which usually leads to poor sexual experiences for women and I would even argue for men since sex is a two-partner dance.

For me, really good sex is about connection. Sure it feels good to come but I can come on my own. If I am going to make the effort to have sex with someone else it is probably because I want to SHARE a mutual experience with them. Or maybe I just want to hump like a manic orangutan in heat.

3. She Will Take You On Adventures You Probably Can’t Afford On Your Own

My older lady had a six figure income and a corporate expense account at her disposal. Steak dinners at five star restaurants and road trips to Coachella were only attainable because of this. I am naturally cheap. I don’t like to spend a lot of money (probably because I have never had much of it) so dating a woman who had access to a lot of resources opened doors and windows into experiences that I wouldn’t have been able to afford until later in life.

4. She Will Appreciate Your Sarcastic or Dry Sense of Humor

This is huge because being able to relate is everything in relationships. The root of relationship is “relate.” Ever try dating someone you could not relate with? Ya it sucks. Younger girls in general can be very insecure and overly idealistic in nature thus making sarcasm very offensive to to them. An older woman has more life experience, realizes that life is not a fucken Disney movie and can appreciate a darker and more realistic sense of humor. A great way to find out is to ask a woman’s opinion of Louis CK. If she responds positively she will probably appreciate a blue joke here and there. (Just don’t force her to watch you jerk off)

5. She Wants You But She Doesn’t Need You

A lot of younger girls grow up with the idea that they need a relationship to have meaning in life even if it’s a shitty dysfunctional relationship. On the other hand an older woman with an established group of friends, career, hobbies and self knowledge probably does not need you. The attractive, mature woman has a lot of other options for how to spend her time so if she’s spending it with you it’s likely because she made the conscious choice to do so.

12 Reasons To Date An Older Woman 1

6. She Is Less Likely To Be Affected By Toxic Feminism and Political Correctness

Yes I know men and women are equals but a lot of Feminists today are illogical and out of balance with reality. Political correctness is destroying both society and human beings’ ability to relate with one another in a care-free environment. An older woman is from a different time, a time that does not exist anymore. She was raised with different values (for better and worse) than what is considered the norm today. If she’s older and established she obviously has a healthy sense of female empowerment, otherwise she would not have reached the height of her career and other personal achievements. Having achieved that success she can now understand and appreciate the respective strengths and weaknesses of both men and women.

7. She Actually Has Something To Talk About and Will Challenge You Intellectually

Nearly every girl I have met that is under 25 is boring as hell. They have nothing to talk about. It’s not even their fault, it’s more a product of our generation. My older lady, conversely, experienced over 100 Ayahuasca ceremonies, lived in a 3rd world country alone for a year, overcame a battle with a life threatening illness and regularly traveled the country climbing mountains that scared the shit out of me. She was interesting.

In general, younger girls in their 20’s are only interesting because they are physically attractive. That’s great for a short term hookup but what are you supposed to do when you realize that she has absolutely nothing to talk about? Women complain that men don’t want to date and only want to hookup. I would argue that quality men do want to go on dates but they find it’s a waste of time because a lot of women have nothing to converse about on a date.

8. She Is More Likely To Have Some Form of Spirituality

Part of the process of growing up is exploring and experimenting with different religions, philosophies and systems of thinking. However, it seems like Millennials are simply choosing to believe in nothing at all, forgoing all seeking and instead choosing to worship the Tinder and Instagram Gods. I am not religious but I am a Spiritual Adventurer and I could not imagine my life without some kind of research into the Higher Self and dimensions of reality. An older woman has likely spent more time seeking, exploring and getting to know herself. I don’t even care what someone believes, I just want to know that they have at least given some thought to it. Failure to at least begin asking the deeper questions in life probably indicates some pretty dysfunctional manifestations of vanity and superficiality. Or maybe it’s just fear.

9. She’s Less Likely To Be Entitled and More Likely To Be Generous

An older women generally wants to be in a partnership. She wants to encourage, support and be involved in your dreams/goals/visions. She’s at a point in life where she realizes that giving is more fulfilling that receiving. In my experience with younger women it’s all about them and what they get out of a relationship. Attractive younger women stereotypically grow up with a sense of entitlement. They learn that since they are attractive they deserve special privileges and luxuries in life. Older women, even if they are on the attractive side, have likely balanced out some of that entitlement. They’ve had more life experience and they understand values that younger women haven’t found yet.

10. She’s Less Likely To Trash Her Body and More Likely To Be Into Health

As everyone gets older they began to realize their mortality. A responsible older woman will accept this fact and commit to taking care of her health. My lady had Lyme disease in her 20’s and realized she had to dive head first into a lifestyle of health or she could die. Younger people in general think they are invincible and treat their bodies like garbage, filling it with alcohol, drugs and just being unhealthy in general. I personally do not drink and appreciate a woman who does not drink or at least hasn’t made it a main activity in her life.

11. You Don’t Have To Guess What She’ll Look Like When She’s 35

They say 35 is the turning point. You can look relatively good before then and all of a sudden morph into Quasimodo. If she’s older than 35 and still looks relatively good, chances are she will maintain a relative degree of beauty and health until she dies. Some of the hottest girls I went to high school with now look terrible due to too much partying, letting themselves go and generally following an unhealthy lifestyle. Choosing an older woman who has already navigated a lot of life’s gauntlets is a safer way to go. For the most part what you see is what you will get.

12. Sexually Speaking, She’s More Responsible, More Patient and More Satisfying

She will probably make you wait until the 3rd date. She may actually request you wear a condom which for me was surprisingly refreshing when compared to waiting for the 3rd hour bareback romp in the backseat of my Honda that happens all too often with many younger women. Delaying sex allows you time to converse, build tension (attraction) and live in the times of good old-fashioned romance. Again, it’s learning that sex is not just about a ten second climax but is rather a sensuous journey up a mountain that can last as long as you want. There’s no rush with an older and more experienced woman.

12 Reasons To Date An Older Woman 2


Yes of course some of the stuff I just said will not apply to all women older than 35. There may even be as many immature older women as there are mature young women. However the reality is that most mature, attractive girls in their 20’s are likely already in a relationship. Instead why not try dating an older girl who has taken care of her health and devoted time to improving herself away from Instagram? At the very least she will teach you a lot about yourself and you might even find yourself falling in love.

To contact Sigma for one-on-one health consulting, email him at EliteHealingSystem@Gmail.com. He has over a hundred instructional videos as well as regular live workshops on his popular YouTube Channel. You can also follow him on Instagram at Elite Health Consulting.

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