100 Things I Love About Women (Besides the Sex)

Bridging the Gap

From my perspective, there is something significant missing in the violent debate we are currently seeing between men and women. Yes, it’s true that some men do bad things and they deserve to be punished. By the same token, it’s also true that women are powerful and can run companies or even countries if they desire. But these are all exaggerated states. MOST men don’t do bad things and MOST women don’t want to run a country. MOST people simply want to find someone who makes them happy, settle down and live a peaceful, productive life.

I believe many of the problems with modern feminism, the #metoo movement, radical incels, gender confusion, sexual frustration and lack of intimacy can be traced down to a single, core issue: Our current culture doesn’t spend enough time celebrating, without agenda, the incredible joy and pleasure of a truly feminine woman.

In order to help refocus our culture on what matters, I decided to make a list of 100 things about women that Superior Men should be celebrating every day. Obviously this list is highly personal and woefully incomplete but I still believe everything I included is worthy of praise. It should also be noted that this list is unranked. For me, no female quality is more or less valuable than any other. I love them all in different ways.

Read through my list. Then when you’re finished, I challenge you to make a list of your own 100 items. Think about what you love about women, write them down and put the list somewhere you can see every day. If even a small group of men did this and shared it with their friends, I guarantee it would change the world.

100 Things I Love About Women (Besides the Sex)

  1. Sundresses in the spring
  2. Her perfectly manicured nails
  3. How she never forgets anything
  4. Her magic purse that somehow holds everything anyone needs
  5. What she looks like in my dress shirt (and nothing else)
  6. All our inside jokes
  7. Bikinis in the summer
  8. Late night phone calls
  9. The swing of her ponytail when she runs
  10. How much she loves kids – her kids, neighbor kids, heck, even random kids in commercials
  11. How smooth her shaved legs feel
  12. The fact that she truly enjoys making me happy
  13. How well she knows me – in some ways even better than I know myself
  14. Cuddling (ideally while watching a horror movie)
  15. The way she smells
  16. How we can communicate from across the room without saying anything
  17. How much she cares about family
  18. That ass
  19. Long conversations where we talk about nothing
  20. Hanging out with her hot girlfriends – It’s never a bad idea to have fun, beautiful women around
  21. Her stupid jokes that crack me up
  22. That one set of lingerie
  23. The way she loves her parents
  24. How she’s the best co-pilot on all of our drives
  25. How she holds me accountable – even (or especially) when I don’t want her to
  26. Her 20 sets of sunglasses
  27. How she holds my hand when we’re walking
  28. Long hair (yeah guys can have cool long hair too but it ain’t the same)
  29. How she’s an amazing mother
  30. How cute she is when she’s pissed
  31. How dangerous she is when she’s truly angry
  32. Her soft skin
  33. How she’s always got my back
  34. What it feels like when I hug her
  35. Waking up next to her
  36. How she claims she never farts
  37. Getting drunk together
  38. Her patience
  39. How adorable she is when she’s asleep
  40. When she magically takes off her bra without taking off her shirt. I’m still unclear on how that’s possible.
  41. Her sense of adventure
  42. Those legs in high heels
  43. Watching her defend the things she cares about
  44. How she gets completely retarded around small animals
  45. Her sense of style
  46. How intense she looks when she’s working out
  47. How cold her toes are in bed (honestly this one is love/hate)
  48. How kind she is
  49. The little songs she sings when she’s happy
  50. Watching her booty in a tight skirt/jeans/shorts
  51. Anytime she dances
  52. Her sweet voice that she only uses when she’s very comfortable
  53. When she offers to cook for me
  54. When she says “You were amazing!” No matter what I did, it always feel awesome to hear.
  55. How I can read all her little sounds better than anyone else
  56. Cleavage. It never gets old.
  57. Her wisdom
  58. The fact that she trusts me to lead her
  59. Her vulnerability
  60. The pride I feel when other guys stare at her because, let’s face it, the girl is smokin’
  61. That look she gives me when she’s in the mood
  62. How she forces me to watch romantic comedies
  63. How much she loves Christmas
  64. The way her animals lay all over her
  65. How the curve of her hip bone feels against my hand
  66. Watching her undress so casually every day – as if she has no clue what it does to me
  67. The little soaps and bath salts she keeps in tiny dishes
  68. Her 400 outfits and how good she looks in pretty much all of them
  69. Her obsession with having cute things all over the house
  70. How she sips wine
  71. Her lips after she’s just put lipstick on
  72. How her bathroom is always nicer than my bathroom
  73. Her shoulders when she’s wearing a strapless outfit
  74. How she brings out my playful side
  75. The motion of her hips when she walks
  76. Celebrating anything together
  77. How she teases me, trying to get me to punish her later
  78. The feeling I get when I see the text message is from her
  79. Yoga pants
  80. How she rambles about random topics with no particular purpose
  81. How she listens to me better than anyone else
  82. That she’s my best friend
  83. Her self-respect – I know she’ll leave me in a second if I cross certain lines
  84. She gives the best gifts – she always spends hours making sure they’re just right
  85. How she constantly sacrifices for her family and friends
  86. Her crazy pain tolerance
  87. How she makes me look better just by standing next to me
  88. She’s willing to endure pregnancy and labor to keep the species alive (If it was up to guys I’m not 100% sure we’d still be here)
  89. A fine necklace around her neck – or, even better, a choker
  90. Her smile
  91. How she takes care of me when I’m sick
  92. Her network of friends and how well she stays in contact with all of them
  93. How she gives me great perspective on challenges I’m working with
  94. Daisy Dukes
  95. Call me weird, but sometimes I love listening her to bitch about stuff. Not constant whining, mind you, but her rants are often very funny and it feels good to know she enjoys sharing everything with me.
  96. Pushing her to greater heights. She’s strong on her own but when I encourage her to move outside her comfort zone she can do even more and that’s incredible to be a part of.
  97. How she thinks she can win at wrestling
  98. How she drives me crazy
  99. How the two of us are so much more together than we are separately
  100. Counting all the blessings she has brought into my life
  101. And of course all the incredible, late-night, early-morning, gentle, violent, three-hour, three-minute, raunchy, dangerous, sweet, quiet, kinky, unbelievable sex. But that’s for another list….

Stay Superior!

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

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Jathan is passionate about helping create a community of great men. He enjoys beautiful women, altered states and Monty Python jokes. He lives in San Diego with two cats and a lot of books. Email him anytime at jathan@wearesuperiormen.com

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